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    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Ian

    I think Danielle wins 4-3 against Dan and Ian. Dan wins 5-2 against Ian.
  2. Kaysar_Rules

    Ian Terry, Week 10 (Nominee)

    Thank god Ian will finally be evicted tomorrow!
  3. Fav. Danielle, but in a week I could definitely see Dan overtaking her if he keeps this great game up. Least fav. Ian, can't stand this kid.
  4. I hope Jenn wins HOH she will put up Ian and Shane.
  5. Why wouldn't he nominate Shane? It would accomplish Joe going home, but it wouldn't piss off his closest ally.
  6. I knew when they said maze, Ian would win. Hopefully Joe goes, and Dani wins HOH.
  7. Kaysar_Rules

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    I'd play off that I'm religious in the house just to swear on the bible when I know I'm just gonna have to go back on my word. I'll swear on the bible and god all day because it doesn't mean anything lol.
  8. Danielle is still my favorite. Ian is the only one I don't like at this point.
  9. If Dan is one of your favorites, and finds a way to get off the block. How can you start to hate him for that? Ian has been getting on my nerves a lot this week I wish I wouldn't have voted already. I would change my least fav to Ian.
  10. Favorite Danielle Least favorite Frank
  11. Kaysar_Rules

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    Awesome this means at least one of the newbies will be in the finals Godbye Rachel or Jordan haha
  12. Kaysar_Rules


    I can't stand Chima. She is a hypocritical bi-otch.