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  1. Meg Maley (Week 8)

    At some point they (Austin, James, etc) were concocting fake backstories for everyone. For Meg they said years ago (because they refer to her as Grandma, she must be old) she married both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel at the same time, but only kept Garfunkel's name to make it less confusing. Eventually she divorced and remarried someone named Jerry McDonald, they were together for 85 years before his death.
  2. Meg Maley (Week 8)

    It would be great if she could. If she's in a F2 with anyone from the other side, she could squeak out a win. Those folks are the most likable people. Grandma Garfunkel just may go home with $500k. /wishfulthinking
  3. Steve Moses (Week 8)

    If that winds up being the final five I will cancel my all access UNLESS there is a camera in the jury house. But they've not done that ever as far as I can remember.
  4. Steve Moses (Week 8)

    I don't understand him and now I don't like him. His weird aversion to oranges and the frequent requests for "Mommy" when he talks to the cameras are creepy.
  6. Becky Burgess (Week 7) - HoH

    I have to say Becky is taking the news that there is a good chance that Shelli is going home really well. She sees James/Jackie/Meg's point and says she can't fault them for it. Now Johnny Mac on the other hand ...
  7. Maybe you are referring to Season 2? Shannon used Hardy's toothbrush to clean the toilet, but then was scolded by BB in the diary room. She confessed to Hardy that she dropped it/knocked it off the counter and broke it and that he needed a new one.
  8. Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    When she stormed across the backyard with that "YO!" — hahahahahaha. So ridiculous. Did she think that was somehow threatening in any way? Also, if Meg/James/Jackie want to keep Vanessa and go for the opportunity to get Shelli out, I think they need to NOT mention it to Vanessa at all. Let her be surprised and confused by the vote. She will be too broken to win that HOH. They should just encourage a couple of sympathy votes from Steven and one of the twins.
  9. Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Vanessa is complaining about not having anybody. I guess she's forgotten all about her multitude of final 2 deals.
  10. Austin Matelson (Week 7)

    Just an update for everyone. Austin is eating again.
  11. Becky Burgess (Week 7) - HoH

    I don't know if anyone else caught it but Becky made a comment, something to the effect of "Maybe Vanessa is a lawyer, or a professional poker player ..." Something to do with lying and keeping a straight face I think.
  12. Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    I will give her the same amount of sympathy she gave Jason when he was being back-doored.
  13. Becky Burgess (Week 6)

    We are referring to her as "Fembot." No personality and working for the enemy.
  14. Austin Matelson (Week 6)

    In GoT he is kind of more menacing than handsome, but I must admit Jason Momoa is one of my celebrity crushes.
  15. Austin Matelson (Week 6)

    Khal Drogo, Khaleesi's husband.