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    Deserves the money?

    I want Janie to win, and then she can bring me some flowers and Miller Lites!
  2. QW


    Hey America voted Bush in for a 2nd run so why not Ivette? now who's dumb?
  3. well sure why not? all of em are 1 time losers at the least.... so hell why not go for broke and be the all time BB loser besides..... Marcie of course!
  4. QW


    ill be sitting here on my pile of rocks voting for allison...anyone hungry?
  5. QW


    vote for Marcie?...HA.
  6. YAY.....well thanks Carvin but I'm looking for my face powder...Im a little shiney today!
  7. HAaaaaaa, yes Im so jealous King thanks for that little bit of reality...HA!...now where is my powder at?
  8. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*sorry I had to quote that one*
  9. IMHO everyone should just post DITTO to everything or just copy paste your last answers, its all getting very repetitive
  10. QW

    All My Children

    no doubt, her testimony cant stand matter there is NO WAY...but Im thinking that her retelling the story will open up her memory as to what all else she heard while laying there, like Madden and Erica spewing out the story of Josh and so forth.....so YAY bring it on already!
  11. very good job, but sappy, is there anyway you can make one with their heads blowing off?
  12. so am I getting this right...the debate is what was said at another website? how verra strange!
  13. QW

    All My Children

    my thoughts....where is Amanda and her nutty mother?...What about Opal and Palmer we havent seen them wandering around for awhile...plus Jeff Martin ( Josh's birth father with Erica) is set to make a return to Pine Valley this week, so who the hell knows!..freaken soaps..Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. QW

    Chicken George Boswell

    all this closed-mindedness about a poster in a thread about a guy who is all about open-mindedness...the irony is too funny