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  1. vyvashuss44

    JC Monduix

    So he looks like he's 12, he's shorter that counter tops in the kitchen and he admits to a temper....GOOD LUCK BUTTERCUP!!
  2. vyvashuss44

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    YEAH!!! Good for you "BIG RED"...just like the BEST thouroughbred in racing you pulled it off in spades!! I hope you and Brendon have a wonderful life and enjoy the spoils, cause you ARE the VICTORious one!!!!
  3. vyvashuss44

    Morty Appreciation Thread

    Morty's IS THE PLACE TO BE...for updates, opinions, infor on what happened in years past and of course to comment on some posts we think are rude, crude or just plain wrong! I do not have a credit card...my choice...so how would I go about making a donation to a site that keeps me HAPPY!!!!
  4. Jordan had said, before she left (in a DR I THINK??) that she would vote for Adam...so IF Porshe takes adam I believe the J/J/B/R alliance will vote for Adam. Then Porshe, the skanky, sneaky, delusional mental midget will still get 50K and probably blow it on sweat suits! I'm lighting candles that Rachel wins final HOH and takes Adam because I truly believe even Dani will repect how well she played the game, and if she gets Dani's votes she'll probably also gets Kalia's, Porshe's...leaving Shelly as the LONE WOLF because she really can't stand Rachel, not only from BB13, but BB12 too. HOWEVER, since the voting is SOOoooo subjective and we still have NO CLUE who the f2 are...its a REAL CRAP SHOOT and we all have to sit on our hands and watch with anticipation followed by either exhilaration or disappointment! Maybe even DEPRESSION!!!!
  5. vyvashuss44

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    His ENTIRE "mantra"...until now...has been he played an almost perfectly honest game...NOW he is turning into a mean, lying, trouble making creep! I hope IF porshe takes him she OUTS him...Rachel too,IF she takes him AND IF she figures out what he's up to! If only a little birdie could fly over her and whistle "ADAM IS GONNA SCREW YOU". He PROMISED her he'd vote for her even if she didn't take him, then he changed that to he'd PROBABLY LEAN towards the one that won the last HOH, now he's SHOVING Rachel under the bus to Porshe and placating Rachel. I sincerelt hope his fat butt gets SHOVED out the door next and that whatever he says to the rest of the jury is percieved as sour grapes. He has lost a LOT of respect from many of us...he's totally despicable and makes Shelly look like an angel!
  6. vyvashuss44

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    I have been an Adam fan from the start, even did a little defending of some of his actions the past 3/4 days...but TONIGHT he just lost me! He has gobbled down food, belched, farted, talked and smoked his way right to the jury, do not pass go, do not collect $200! I guess now that he realizes he is NOT going to be in the F2 no matter what he promises he has become the uncouth a$$hole most of the rest who have posted here saw him to be LONG before I did...I actually WANTED him in the F2...or at least the AC winner, but now I hope he leaves empty handed with noting but his memories of Tori Spelling!! And even they WILL fade...I HOPE!
  7. vyvashuss44

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I wish they would of "manipulate" this season to end sooner...5 days of the three of them stroling each other and playing cards has been the most BORING crap on TV since it's invention! Granted the 9/11 tribute MIGHT have messed up their plans, but I can't believe they didn't KNOW that was coming, I mean its not like they planned the tributes on 9/10!
  8. vyvashuss44

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    OMG how true! And there are like 16 slices in a lb pack...that's a VERY expensive garbage pail filler!!!
  9. Being gay is a HORMONAL INBALANCE...not a choice, and I truly feel that gays would be the FIRST to say they would never try to urge someone to be gay. That being said the person I feel sorriest for is Napper. Ignorace is bliss...let Napper stay happy while the rest of us absorb the jabs at Jordon and continue to appreciate her innocence and faith in humanity. She and Jeff will probably travel a well rounded path through life as they balance each other so well. He's book smart, she's life smart...a GR8 combination, IMHO! So sorry that Ivgal was attacked and even happier to see that so many have come to her defense. We all have a different opinion of what was said, meant, happened or didn't...but NONE of us (IMHO)would trade places with ANYONE who is now or has ever been in the BB house I'm sure.
  10. vyvashuss44

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    Not sure if Adam is using some kind of psychology or not, but by tellng both R and P that whoever wins the f2 questions will carry a little more weight is a way to get them to think about the votes that are aleady IN the JH...and his IS the "swing" vote. BUT he is also relaying a message of his support and therefore arguments for and against either one of the girls. I don't think he's arrogant at all...just stating the facts...he did VERY little lying, he tried to win every comp he was in and he has been a very sociable guy. Maybe those of you who find him arrogant are totally unaware of the "NEW YORK STATE OF MIND"...confidence, not arrogance prevails. I'd LOVE for him to be in f2, but the writing is on the wall and his only chance of winning any $$ is the America's choice...a snow balls chance in hell!!
  11. vyvashuss44

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    I'm thinking it's kinda of strange for the f3 to be in the house for 4 more days before they do the f2 questions. I know everyone is saying it will ALL happen on Wednesday night, but that just doesn't "feel" right to me...I know that in a couple of past years (BB12 and BB11) the f2 were alone for 2/3 days before the finale. Either way I'm hoping Rachel wins and as P has already won 5K...Rachel takes Adam...but P and R are acting like they had a "deal" for the f2...did anyone KNOW this???
  12. MARTY...You're eloquent(sp?) explanation is exceeded only by your excellent rationale! I APPLAUD you're ability to humble yourself and not refer to the "reposters" as the immature people that...IMHO, they are! That being said...I agree the PORKER is BY FAR my least favorite...Oh well MAYBE Natalie is...in any case PORKIE is decietful, lazy, two-faced, lying witch who has gross hygenic habits, exudes arrogance and obviously needs glasses if she thinks she's even in the TOP TEN best looking blondes to EVER be on BB!
  13. vyvashuss44

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/9 - 9/12

    Caught me! I was a work, got interupted and lost my train of thought...also my ability to read what I wrote...i MEANT HAYDEN and LANE...but in any case I'm glad you guys got a laugh out of it!
  14. JMHO....Say what you will about the flip-flopping of Adam or the unnoticed until week 5 Porshe...they both played what they thought was a good game...how it appears to us, who have more insight as observers, is a WHOLE different ball of wax. I'm remined of DAN's win when he played every which way but loose...and Jordon who sort of "fell" into her win. Bottom line is we have NO CLUE what has really transpired in JH and altho Dani wanted Adam evicted after her and Kalia was pissed at Adam the rest of the house may sway them to another mind set altogether...I think no matter who goes to f2 it will be a very tight race and who says what to whom in the JH will be a BIG FACTOR in how people vote. Plus a lot of the "haters" have mellowed now and MAY see the game from a different prospectus after they hear all the "war" stories from the new evictees. I WANT Rachel to win the 500K no matter who else is up there with her...or Adam who I THINK played a pretty good game of hide-n-seek for all but the last 3 weeks!
  15. vyvashuss44

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/9 - 9/12

    I recall seeing Dan and Memphis alone for like 2/3 days...same with Memphis and Dan...so maybe the 3rd comp (questions with a buzzer?) will be like Sunday or Monday and then the f2 will be there for a couple of days too. Of course this year could be different...we all know the F3 endurance was a LOT different than usual!! Production KNOWS they have 2 wimps and Rachel the Warrior so comps have to be pared down!!