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  1. Boriqua&Proud

    Saboteur Message - Two HGs are Lifelong Friends

    Lane and Hayden are brothers.
  2. Boriqua&Proud

    Sandra Diaz

    Just to set the record straight..... Puerto Ricans are loud, but I'll be damned, we are not ignorant. I can't believe she thought that was funny. I can even talk for the Italians being loud, but ignorant, give me a break.
  3. Boriqua&Proud

    Russell Hantz - Part 2

    The jury was a bunch of bitter bettys. They got played and were bitter about it. I started off not liking Russell at all, but found myself cheering him on. All the integrity and honesty bullcrap, give me a break, its a game.
  4. Boriqua&Proud

    Monica Padilla

    I know am realllll late on this one, but please explain what you mean by your post. If she mentions she's Puerto Rican, what? Am really not trying to start nothing here, but I don't understand. If she did mention it, maybe she is real proud to be Puerto Rican, cause I know I am.
  5. Boriqua&Proud

    Which houseguest should win $25,000?

    If Jordon goes home, Jordon is the only reason why she is going home. I liked her alot. But when I saw her at the POV game and standing there like an idiot, right then and there I said, she doesn't deserve it. Its because of Jeff that she is where she is, otherwise, I don't think she would have made it very far. Also, Michelle should win the 25,000. I don't really care for her, but she played and played hard. Jeff, lost his chance and I luved Jeff
  6. Boriqua&Proud

    Thursday, August 13th

    It seems that Chima, Lydia and Nat (The Twits) want to leave. Well how about this. Let them go, not to the jury house and bring back Braden, Laura and Casey. I can't believe they are acting like a bunch of asses just because one of theirs left.
  7. Boriqua&Proud


    Well, I didn't read that, they are all wrong. But if I remember, Chima called him a "terrorist" jokingly before. I honestly did not find that funny. Name calling should not be allowed. Whether fooling around or fighting.
  8. Boriqua&Proud


    Honestly can't stand this chick. The fact that she is throwing the word "terrorist" around like it was a happy word, really pisses me off. She has the nerve to call Braden out on calling Lydia "beaner", to me it's the same shit. I know women like Chima, all they are is mouth. She is so friggin ghetto, its not funny. She thinks by screaming and carrying on, she is going to scare people. If you are not use to that, yeah, u going to be scared, but trust me, she is all mouth. The same for "chihuahua" Natalie.
  9. Boriqua&Proud

    * Chima *

    All Chima is, is a Ghettogirl with a large vocabulary. She is nasty and all mouth. Someone has to grow some and get in her face as well. She is the type of girl I grew up with and all she was was MOUTH. But if u challenge her, she backs down. GROW SOME BALLS HOUSEGUESTS!!!!!!!! Wish I could be in that house for 1 day
  10. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    I can't believe I don't know these people personally, am watching the show and my heart is breaking. I really feel more for Kate than Jon.
  11. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Yeah, ur right, but I just got this thing about "family" going on TV and talking bad about u. If they are worried, and Jon and Kate are really bad parents and taking care of the kids, why not just go to the authorities and get them investigated. Why go on TV. They look bad. Then I think all the other programs need to be investiaged. Table of 12, 18 and Counting, etc. I don't feel sorry for Jon. He is a man, and if he didn't like the way Kate was talking to him, he should have done something about it. They both are to blame for their marriage. It takes two. Then if he wasn't happy, leave, get divorced, THEN u go calivanting (sp) and acting like a 20 year old and not have to worry being on the tabliods.
  12. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Just asking, would that be a "good" wow or "bad" wow. (hope good)
  13. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    U know what. I believe who started all this shit is Jodi, Kevin and Julie. Yes, I believe there were/are problems between Jon and Kate. Yes, Jon may have been/is having an affair also Kate. But I bet that the "three stooges" knew about it, actually took the first pics that came out, and sold them to Us Weekly. They are the "sources" that everyone talks about. If I was Kate, I would never forgive Kevin for what they are doing. Now all of a sudden the kids are being used. But when Frick and Frack were on, everything was good, NOW, Jon and Kate are the worse parents in the world. Am sorry, I usually don't get caught up with the tabloids (sp). Yes, I read them, but I take it for what its worth, gossip. But this really has my blood boiling. Am sure Kate has doted every i, crossed every t, for her children. She is constantly on BITCH mode, but she loves her kids, and I even think she still loves Jon. I hope so anyway. Have a nice weekend all. Ciao:)
  14. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Its funny, when "Aunt" Jodi and Uncle Kevin were on the show, everything was hunky-dorie. Jodi smiled at the camera, baked, played and made everything look real nice. NOW, that they are not on the show, well things change. Now the kids are being exploited, their not happy, their telling her they don't like the camera, blah, blah. Oh, Kate just wants the money, etc. Don't tell me that those two losers (Jodi and Kevin) are gettin paid for telling the "truth". They want only the best for the kids, yada, yada. Well, when the kids are older and "google" the holier-than-thou Jodi and Kevin, I don't think they will be liking them very much for talking shit about their parents. Because regardless of what we my perceive Kate to be, she is still their mother and they luv her. This is coming from a non-fan of Kate. When Jodi, Julie and Kevin started talking about the family, I became a Kate fan. In my eyes, those three are the losers in this story. U never, never go against ur family in public. That is for "behind closed doors.
  15. Boriqua&Proud

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    I agree. When one of the girls told her father that she didn't want him to leave anymore, that just broke my heart.