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  1. Memphis - Week 10

    He ALLOWED Dan to let Keesha believe that it was all his (Memphis) idea to vote out Keesha and that was so stupid. Dan could have said it anyway but Memphis gave the okay to do so! Does he not realize that Keesha has been the only person in the house to ever flip votes so having her on his side would be crucial??? Sure, she would be upset anyway but he should have let them both take the blame.
  2. Dan - Week 10

    I still wonder what he wanted to tell her though because he said he had 2 messages for her. Him waiting to tell her about Michelle may backfire because she was so angry last night that it may not have mattered whereas she looked a little upset after hearing it. He told her last night that it was brought to his attention that he'd never get Ollie's vote which must have been from what Michelle said because he implied it a little bit. I wonder what all he was told. I think Keesha played the best game this season but of the remaining HGs, Dan should win. Memphis has only won POVs and Dan has literally thought out everything beforehand and gets people's permission to help him advance his game by throwing out scenarios that they give their okay to. Also, Memphis SUCKS at answering questions. It's going to be a Ryan/Adam ending all over again because Dan is better at expressing himself but if he overdoes it, it could be a problem. Ryan's dumb-struck answers to the jury last year cost him the game and it'll do the same with Memphis, his DR's are even dull and lifeless.
  3. Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    I'm surprised she didn't even hug Memphis but she knew she made a mistake by keeping him. I remember Marcellas saying that the only way a woman wins BB is by having 2 girls go to the end because otherwise, the jury is too angry at the females. He said that Daniele played a much better game than ED but people held things against her and they don't do the same with men
  4. Dan - Week 10

    What do you think the "Hot" messaage he wrote on the bottom of the duck to Keesha was about?
  5. Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    I thought of him as well as Robert Downey Jr., Ed Begley Jr., Antonio Sabato Jr. & Freddie Prinze Jr.
  6. Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    She hasn't been my favorite person but I think she's played the best game so it would be a shame for her to go out before the final 3. Did anyone else catch that whole thing last night on BBAD when they were talking about a guy hanging around her that was maybe an ex or something? He was an actor. Memphis tried getting it out of her asking who had been nominated for an Oscar. And she reminded him that she already admitted who it was and Memphis' reply was "Junior?". Anyone know who it is?
  7. Renny - Week 9

    True, Libra wasn't a fan but I think April was and Jerry & Memphis aren't in the jury house yet so I was talking about L/A/M/O
  8. Renny - Week 9

    neuro, we're in the same boat
  9. Renny - Week 9

    She's the only one I even want to win right now and now there's no chance of it. I may be wrong here but I think whoever is the one to take out Renny will have quite a few people in the jury house mad at them. It may sound crazy but no one wanted to be her executioner because no matter what, you can't help but like/love her.
  10. Memphis - Week 8

    Lol you don't have to keep apologizing to me. I wish the first 3 out were the final 3. I think Keesha has played the best game of them all at this point. She's been behind every single eviction without people fingering her. I may not be a fan but it's a good game.
  11. Renny - Week 9

    I think she's a little bit hurt and angry at herself because she really knew keeping the 2 guys would be a negative for her but she kept them because they protected Keesha and she wanted her in the game. She knew she'd be the first out of their alliance but was willing to gamble it.
  12. Renny - Week 9

    She took her first nomination very well. She seemed to know this was coming even last night prior to the comp. with how she was talking.
  13. Memphis - Week 8

    If Memphis and Dan are final 2 then that means the winner will either get $550,000 or $520,000. That's irritating somehow but it is what it is.
  14. Jerry - Week 8

    I know, that's why I'm pulling for a POV win.
  15. Memphis - Week 8

    I just don't see how people can like Memphis. He has the depth of a spoiled 7 year old and is very bratty.