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  1. Danielle, Week 4 (HoH & PoV)

    This will be a waste of an hoh this week.
  2. General Questions (Part 2)

    Bunch of idiots and a baby that would be interesting
  3. Ashley is so spaced out she should be an astronaut.
  4. Britney (Coach ), Week 3

    So very true. Britany however though is a lousy coach and a lousy player. She is of no help to Shane what so ever and I will be glad to see her get evicted when they enter the game.
  5. This show should be renamed big joke. The coaches have no business coming back as players. But since they are they should be have nots and unable to play for hoh for the rest of the season.
  6. Mike "Boogie" (Coach), Week 3

    Hope he is able to save frank this week.
  7. Britney (Coach ), Week 3

    She makes me wish they had brought back Rachel. She would have made a better coach
  8. Danielle Murphree, Week 3

    She is a stupid ditz and I can't wait for her pathetic self to be voted out
  9. She needs to stop listening to Dan and make moves on her own. Maybe stage a blow up or something with her coach. Trying to be invisible is not working for her.
  10. Janelle (Coach), Week 2

    I never understood all the hype for her. I thought she was a so so player.
  11. General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Why don't the houseguests talk to each other during hoh lockdown?
  12. Coach Britney, Week 1

    I think Britany needs to go to the dr and ask to read coaching for dummies. She is so focused on Willie and ignoring the other members of her team.
  13. Willie, Week 1

    Willie better get his paranoia under control or he could be in some trouble next week.
  14. Frank, Week 1

    Willie should get him out especially as he is Boogies main guy.
  15. Willie, Week 1

    I think he will go far if he plays his own game and ignores the coaches. I also thought it was very decent if him to let Ashley sleep in the hoh room and get her a compress for her back.