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  1. Colo

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Thank you so much for posting the Julie Chen house tour!! Now im super excited for BB 18. I HOPE and pray they make them really work for stuff this year like food, and I know this is foolish to hope for in the age of technology, but I want them to bring back the pulling of Keys! That was the most fun! and Food Comps...I wish I could LFU, but I my right hand, and my fingertips tingle, so I type with two fingers. not fast enough to keep up. But I wanted to say thank you to Morty, Marty, Morty TV Admin and all the LFU!! You bring Joy to my summer. =) Colo (Kim)
  2. I am hoping she will fantastic like Jordan, just like she says she is. I would love to see another sweet genuine person on BB. Lets hope it is Zakiyah. =)
  3. Doesnt he mean, Greedy, Egotistical, and womanizer? Wonderful...another big head. I see him and Corey hanging out. Two Big ego's. That might be dangerous. Either they come together or they will be at each others throats, Corey and Victor because they are VERY similar. Could be interesting!
  4. Dropping names on his App, getting sick bro pics, and wants to bring a sword so he can be boss...already not a fan. Sick Bro pics??...Texan...good old boy mentality.I hope he brings some of that Texas charm and drawl in his speech, that might help the fact he has a big head...good grief.
  5. Seems like a nice girl. She is a High School teacher. BUT she does not look 32. I think they got Bridgette and Tiffany's age mixed up. I am very suspicious that her last name is Rousso. I know Vanessas was "Russo", but how easy would it be to put a O in Russo. She reminds me of a TV actress and I cant remember her name. She was on ER years ago. Good luck hun, with a last name like Rousso even if it is spelled different, they will think you are related to Vanessa no matter what you say. Paranoia will win.
  6. Didnt his occupation on the CBS site say Gym Owner? I went straight from there to here. Big hunky guy to flex his Muscles for the girls. Hope his brain is as big as his peck's. I see Showmances with him for sure...then again. I could be wrong...still, no more Mr. Pectactular
  7. Freakin white Mr. T! I wonder how many Big Band aids he will have to wear to cover any "offensive" tattoos. I see Evil Dick in his bio and personality, and its curious that they left out who his favorite players were...Clothing Designer??
  8. I Love that she is already thinking 6 person alliance. She is a super Fan, watches the Live Feeds, so she knows the game, BUT the alliance thing, if she takes it slow, then yeah it would work, but if she tries to cement a solid 6 too early then she didnt learn anything watching the Live feeds.
  9. Doesnt he kind of look like he is Amish in the clothes he has on? LOL. Sorru. First thing to pop into my head. He might not last long, but I like his smile. I hope he is genuine, that might help socially. That smile reminds me of my kids smiles. They dont smile for pictures, they have that silly half grin, just like him.
  10. His pick of past houseguests is telling. I am afriad your right. Usually the older ones dont last. Maybe he will lie about his age. Im so excited about this year!
  11. Your not the only one who thought that. When I read "I look really young", I looked up and said, she looks at least 30. An Epilator? Good grief. Whats wrong with a Razor? I dont see her lasting long. I just dont. Dont have a reason, just a feeling. We will see! Thanks for posting these Marty!
  12. She is a ball of energy and is a political consultant. Im sure someone else said this but knowing politics can only be an advantage in the BB house. I hope she gets past the first couple weeks, it would be interesting to see if her strategies will pay off...
  13. Pageant coordinator. Oh Boy. She seems full of...joy? LOL I didnt like her video much, in fact I didnt watch the whole thing. My husband didnt like her much either. We will see. peace all!
  14. I just got on Facebook and my Big brother page says the twist is Not One, Not Two, but Three nominees. just popped up on my page.
  15. OOOOO Im excited! Cant wait till tomorrow, and tomorrow is my Friday so I am gonna have lots of time to read !! Oh boy oh boy! Peace all!