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  1. I think it would be fun to bring back some of the first evicted houseguests and let them play. Might make for an interesting summer since they have never actually played the game. Agree with not recruiting..although I just luv Jeff & Jordan!
  2. I always thought Jani was a great player, but this season I am seeing what kind of player she always has been. By being a coach we got to see her game play without a vested interested in her success. I now understand why she has never won the game.
  3. SueNRob

    BB 14 Premiere, Thursday 7/12

    That was my thought exactly!
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    8/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Sugar Plums still dancing in their heads....
  5. Seriously? That move is not going to make her win the game.
  6. I honestly think Shelly flipped because Jeff put Rachel's key in first to make her feel comfortable, not realizing that Shelly would be jealous enough to flip. I really feel Shelly played a malicious game and took it way to far. There is lying to further your game, and there is just lying to be a malicious liar. Shelly definitely did both!
  7. What shocked me was that a 41 year old woman was participating in that conversation. Very evil actions by these girls. I so agree. Doesn't matter how you get to the final two. If you get there you have played "your" game. There are no set rules that you have to follow to get to the end. So tired of hear houseguests say the "deserve" to win. The two people sitting at the end are the ones who deserve to win. IMHO
  8. I think you have it wrong. If you remember in his speech, he said to Shelly, I hope you remember the respect we showed you when everyone else was fighting in the backyard, and show me the same respect. The others were fighting. Jeff and Jordan had talked the night before and said that they were going to respect her cause she was a wife and mother. Jeff did not blowup at Shelly.
  9. Have to disagree with Jeff in house if Dani stayed. She had him next on the list for her to take out. Had her "crew" won Jeff would have been gone instead of Dani. What I didn't understand was Dani saying that they were writing the check for Jeff & Jordan; was she just ticked off because they weren't writing the check for Dani?
  10. Shelly was having her own pity party last night so don't point fingers.
  11. I understand that Shelly thought it was a great game move, but she really didn't think it through. She is further away from prize now than she was before. What I dislike about Shelly is how she handled herself with Jordan. Jordan was not yelling at Shelly. Shelly, a 41 year old woman who just got her way, got in Jordan's face and started screaming at her. Perhaps it's an intimadation tactic that she uses at work, but completely uncalled for last night. For that she gets an F+ in my book.
  12. I sure hope Josie doesn't get hurt through all of this. It is a game, but if this is a social experiment...Shelly failed. JMHO
  13. Not sure how people expected Jordan to respond with a 41 year old woman screaming at her in her face. Shelly was the one who started the yelling and kept provoking Jordan...and Shelly is the grown woman?