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  1. Hi folks! I'm just now coming out of hibernation! I actually didn't even know bb started tonight until today at work. <<blush>> I had a baby in December and work full time. I haven't had time to watch tv, much less play my beloved BB prediction challenge! I'm going to try to keep up as best I can, though. It's great to see familiar faces!!
  2. Porsche - BB13 Second Place

    I came back to see if anyone had said anything nice about Porsche today ... eh, not really.
  3. Morty Appreciation Thread

    Thank you, Morty!! Your site is the only place I go for bb info! I didn't participate much on the boards this year, but I had a blast reading!
  4. Jordan - Week 7

    Please please please!!
  5. As pissed as I am at two faced Shelly, she's been playing this game like no other. She was only found out today. Right now, she's the best "player" left in the house. Jeff deserved to win. Shelly the next best player, comps won or not.
  6. Keith - Week 1 - Evicted 7/14

    Ditto, Sara. Not liking his hypocriticalness. Oops ... Put sara's name to Deedsy's comment. Sorry! Typing on my phone.
  7. Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/7

    Wow wow wow! I think she may nom j/j ... They're her biggest threat after d/d.
  8. BB13 Rumors and Facts

    Nice interview! Thanks for posting!!
  9. Google + Invites

    You have to have an invitation to get on Google+ ?? Is this a bot? Or spam? You've only got 2 posts, both on this thread, and you're requesting email addresses.
  10. BB13 Spreadsheet Summary

    Yay George!! Thank you! (I have your past few spreadsheets saved in my own spreadsheet!)
  11. BB13 Rumors and Facts

    Twitter and facebook have added a whole new dimension to life itself!
  12. Porsche

    Nah ... They didn't have backseats until recently!
  13. BB13 Readiness

    Well colored me embarrassed! Mine shows from 1-4. Thanks!!
  14. BB13 Readiness

    Ack! I have Directv and Afterdark isn't showing on Sho2 for Thursday night! When is it supposed to start?
  15. Brendon/Rachel

    Well crap.