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  1. JNIY

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Totally agree! Was glad to see him walk in & was expecting that he would off-set having to put up with Rachel again this year. Hate that ED & Dani gave her the HOH as I can NOT wait until she is gone.
  2. JNIY

    POV - Week 1

    That's how I would imagine it since tehy are in these teams of two.
  3. JNIY

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/7

    I hope they still have the POV & that they can use it to take down the duo & the HOH would have to nominate a diffrent pair. Well, I hope this depending on wwwhhhoooo the nominated duo is, if Brachel gets nominated they need to stay up & send that laugh away!
  4. JNIY

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/7

    Golden Key Twist - Sounds to me like CBS/BB just wants to keep their duos theme around for a while. Also, since you can't nominate singles only duos until week five I suspect they are dropping this theme after the first four weeks & going to everyone plays for themselves only. At least their upfront about it.
  5. Nice pic of Tye ;)

  6. JNIY

    Jet and Cord...Second Place

    I personally would have liked to see it because it would have helped Jeff/Jordan (go BB team!) Strategy wise most likely would not have helped them this round but for this only being the second leg it's could be helpful later to have teams that your friendly with. They still would have been on the first bus & probably come in first seeing who the other two teams that took that bus route were, but then in the next couple legs could look to them to pay back the favor if they ever needed it. Sometimes it's the nicest teams that get the farthest because other teams are willing to go out of their way to help them out too.
  7. JNIY

    Jet and Cord...Second Place

    Gotta admit they did awsome tonight, but they should have told the other teams about the bus situation
  8. Trap that llama with those sticks.. hahaha
  9. JNIY

    *Ronnie* Part 2

    I just really really REALLY hope a jock ends up on the block next to Ronnie - if the house keeps deteriorating maybe he'll float through and one of them will end up going home. I don't like Ronnie but I still dont like the Jessie, Russel or Nat either. And Russell doesnt need to be a bully about being right it makes me hate him more.
  10. JNIY


    I caught it on the second showing two hours later - thought it was terrific. Don't like the new head of GD hope she only sticks around a couple episodes then they throw it back to Allison, she is my favorite.
  11. JNIY

    The Next Food Network Star

    I kind of like the final 3 situation however - I can NOT STAND Lisa. Its those eyes. Someone should tell her to stop wearing that eyeshadow &/or OPEN HER FREAKING EYES!!!! I could never watch a show where she was the host I can't even look at her. Adam has grown on me a lot if he or Aaron wins I will be happy as long as its not scarry eye lady. Kellsey was my favoite and now I'm sad that she is gone. I wish they could have overlooked her age. They could have kept in mind that on a pre-recorded scripted show she could have worked out the saying culinary school less.
  12. JNIY

    Paradise Hotel

    I know what you mean everyone keeps comparing one of the new guys, Chris I think his nam might be, to him but from what I see he's a much calmed down version. I was so glad to see Raheim leave this episode. I thought the girls made a mistake by not kicking him off during the Pandora's Box - that would have really showed him he doesnt have them under his control like he thought he did!
  13. awww.... & I was hoping for a Piers & Trace final two Although I think Carol & Trace would make a good final two as well. As long as Trace Atkins wins I don't care who he goes up against.
  14. JNIY

    Jonathan Penner

    I couldn't stand him in his last season & kept trying not to like him this year, but he really was playing a different game this time around. I really am sad to see him go I was acctually upset when he got hurt & I think it would have only taken a few more episodes for me to start actually (ugh) rooting for Johnathan. Even though I'm a big Ozzy & James fan James has been a disappointment this year & I'm affraid Ozzy's going to do something stupid to get himself voted out. So I guess Johnathan was my (suprizingly to myself) third favorite of the favorites until he left.