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  1. America's Choice Discussion

    I personally feel like CBS would rather see Kaysar back. I think originally they wanted Cappy to be the hero, but they are not stupid, they saw him rush James. I think they applauded when he was evicted
  2. Welcome back Kayser!!!!

    Yeah, the sheep will be freaked, that will be awesome
  3. Welcome back Kayser!!!!

    Whoo hoo, even if they vote him out, we can bring him back!!! CBS sure is smart(ratings, lol)
  4. whats happened?

    IMO, it's because there is no epsidoe devoted to the food comp, its just an afterthought.
  5. Televised Show Discussion

    there is a live show update in the update section.

    "I don't know if I can handle that", said when his friend, his ally, his buddy confessed she was a lesbian. April was immediately hugging I and saying thanks for sharing, but Eric, her "best friend", was like uhhhhh
  7. Televised Show Discussion

    Or, at the very least, to freak people out like James and Eric did w/ the Kayser vote
  8. James

    I think Eric needs to go first to break up the "sheep", blah, blah, but I agree that James is playing dirty and I hope that Kay figures that out.
  9. Return of Evictees Speculation and Discussion

    Thats what I thought when I heard her too, Dep. Like sometimes everyone will lose. But the idea of a swapout does sound BigBrotherish, and I'd like it.
  10. Pairs Speculations

    Yes, although I do think they are screwing with the concept, this will definately be the best part!
  11. Pairs Speculations

    Uh, I think its unfair to those left. Maybe.
  12. Return of Evictees Speculation and Discussion

    At last weeks eviction, Julie said something abot "the summer of secreats" and Ashlea was like, "Yeah, maybe I'll get to come back and Julie, for like 1.2 seconds looked like :shock: and then stumbled over "uhh, well, so" whatever segue. Anyone else catch this or am I crazy? Quick, pull out the TIVO, lol