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    Christians and Big Brother

    KissesinVA, I'm 100% like you. I don't need a middle man to pray or ask for forgiveness. Google, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Very interesting read, and it pokes fun at organized religion. I'm really not sure what Jocosta was babbling. Was it heat stroke causing that jibberish?
  2. MightyYorto

    Christians and Big Brother

    TempletonPeck, you are so right. I agree. -Yorto
  3. First of all, I am a Christian. I do not believe that the Almighty, will help, assist, answer a prayer, to any player that plays the game of Big Brother. So, Jocasta, knock it off with the babble you would call, "Speaking in Tongues." That is just attention getting, camera time you're hoping will inrease the money funneling into your "church." God can pick off the fakes too. It's not hard. Can't wait until you are voted out of the house. What would Jesus do? Not play the game of Big Brother! Flame away! Pull no punches. -The Mighty Yorto has Spoken!