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  1. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    11:25PM BBT: Sharon & Sheila laying out. Talking about the next HOH and that Natalie will be out for blood if she wins. Sheila has said that Sharon is in a good place with everyone in the house.
  2. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    Josh & Sharon are sitting outside obsessing over whether Matt is Sheila's son. Doing the math, they calculated Sheila would have been 21 when Matt was born. They are convinced they are mother/son. 10:50 AM BBT: Chelsia is serving James breakfast in bed. 11:15 AM BBT: Chelsia & James are snuggling in bed. Josh is sleeping in the bed next to them. Ryan is determined to learn how to make pancakes today. (Right now, the pancakes don't look very tasty!!)
  3. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    10:18 AM BBT - back from FOTH. BB announces lights must be on during the day. Josh is up & making coffee. Sharon just asked Chelsia if it was the alcohol that made her snap. Couldn't understand Chelsia's answer.
  4. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    10:03 AM BBT: FOTH ... possible wake up call
  5. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    HG's still sleeping. Josh snoring loudly.
  6. March 24 - Live Feed Updates

    8:00 am BBT - all HG's are still sleeping
  7. 9:00 AM BBT - Still sleeping.
  8. All 4 feeds on Sheila & then during the outdoor lockdown.
  9. The girls & Ryan are eating a bag of Starbursts.
  10. The boys are playing pool & Sheila is outside eating trail mix.
  11. Matt & Adam are in the pink room. Matt just told Adam Sheila is outside working James.
  12. James just told Sheila she is not the target. If it comes to a tie he is voting Ryan out.