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    not trolling here, but do you want to make a friendly bet on this one echo? Name your terms. I feel that she will be gone by her own accord before she works hard. I'm being friendly, make a bet. It'll make the show a bit more interesting.
  2. Council Members

    of course she's supportive of others who work hard and contribute... because she doesn't. so far she's filling the stereo type. Did we watch the same episode?
  3. Council Members

    I think taylor is a spoiled brat that hasn't had to work a day in her life. Yes, she makes the show interesting. Interesting on how a whole town will turn on a beauty queen and that looks don't get you everywhere. Normal? well i don't know how many beauty queens you know, but i knew Miss Montana very well, we grew up together and i tell you, when someones life is based around their looks for so long, their lives become way different and their self esteem hurts because of it. my friend wishes she had a "normal" life i don't know if this post is over mortys lines... if they are, i'm not attacking, just responding and explaining my position on taylor.
  4. Demographic

    baron.. good point. Although i don't know what it was like 30-40 years ago, i do remember my upbringing. It was old school. I was not a beaten child but it started with straps and when i got older and wanted to have more freedom like an adult, i was diciplined like one. I worked my butt off all the time. Chores weren't chores, they were life. I got A's in school and turned down a full ride to Rutgers because i didn't feel i was ready for school on my own. The responsible choice for me (against my families wishes) was to join the military. After getting out i got into Radio and lived poor for 5 years to accomplish what i wanted, a true paying career in radio, which i have now because i remembered just a few lessons from life. To make a educated decision you must first look at both sides of the issue, equally and w/o bias before speaking, look at two things first... Audience and purpose and finally, my favorite... Discretion is the better part of valor. It doesn't take much to give kids values, you just got to give it to them. To many parents are giving up, or making it as easy as possible until they turn 18. The problem today is that there isn't a parent in the home when the kids are. Society has made it that way since woman lib. My question for you is, whose fault is it?
  5. Council Members

    I'm getting tired of hearing over and over about "camera editing illusion". Yes i know this happens, but its the show i'm watching, not tearing it apart for the fakeness. The kids are acting the way they are. Taylor is lazy and would rather make up excuses later. Sophia is a strong worker. There is no way anyone can tell me that these opinions of mine and others are based off of camera editing and are not how these kids actually are. yes i see the poorly edited job that they did in the second episode. The marks on Gregs chin not being there for the episode but there in the interviews and promos. Editing illusion is used in promos mainly, but not as much in the show. They look for the dynamics of the children and then focus on them on the show. Ultimately what i'm saying is reality television is still fantasy. Thats why it survives. I'm not looking for the truth here, i'm watching the play thats being put on for me. when i watch a play or a magic show i sit in amazement of what i'm SEEING, not pick apart how a mirror or prop or a stage light makes me think something is going on when its not. Its a show, and the kids are actors portraying themselves, and i guarantee that these kids are going to look back at this show when they are older and some of them will be pleased with the manner they portrayed themselves and others will look back at it with regret.
  6. Demographic

    I'm 26 years old/montana and i love the show because it shows the values that all different types of parents (from different areas of the country) are giving their kids. Some learned to be respectful and realize the value of hard work (sophia, michael) while others were pampered their whole lives (taylor) and are just lazy in general. This is a clear representation of the new generation and where they are heading.
  7. Council Members

    well yana, that was the way it was supposed to be from the beginning.
  8. Council Members

    edited to SHOW the bad behavior, not CREATE it. The kids create their own behavior. Cameras can lie, but in this thread where the council members leadership abilities are questioned instead of their behavior, i feel the camera is showing what we need to see. This is what i'm trying to accomplish with this thread. Are the council members in play now, the best leaders?
  9. Council Members

    Port... first off, i'm a man. Its ok, you didn't know any better. Ryomi=Ryan+Iommi(black sabbath) btw. Again, thanks for the support. For the past week i've been defending myself with no end. The only friend i had is francis (great person). Like i've said before, its good to critique the actions of any child. Thats why psych doctors recognize psychopathic tendencies with kids as little as 5 years old when they abuse or attack animals in joy. The world is a huge place with lots of different people in it. Are the kids in this show the worst of the worst? NO. They are actually some of the best kids in the nation compared to the 12 year olds we see on the Maury Povich show! (saw episode where a 12 year old sold herself for a cheeseburger. Maury always seems fake to me, but some friends of mine swear to know people like the ones in springer and maury). words of wisdom for these kids: intelligent decisions can only be made when the decider (ha ha) studies both sides of an issue equally without bias. Discretion is the better part of valor Before actions or words, remember two things.... Audience and Purpose I learned these in 4th grade when i was nine and they have stuck with me till this very day and i feel that the world would be a better place if children learned these 3 values. You see what i mean in the show. Some kids do those 3, while others don't seem to ever be that way... thats what makes the world go round.
  10. Council Changes

    man its so good to hear some words of support.
  11. I haven't had a chance to see the episode yet (i work nights at a radio station), i watch the show on MSN.com (not spam) the next day, but it seems that everything i said in .... http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showtopic=22407 seems to be truer than ever! Port... we think along the same lines! IF you haven't checked out the thread above, you'll see that i saw mike and taylor getting worse from the first ten minutes of the first episode... my way of expressing my views weren't taken very well, but i digress. Look forward to seeing this episode. I knew they would kill the chicken but didn't think in a million years they would show it! I'm out of this thread until tomorrow so i can see the episode! Baron... i guess i'm not the only person that likes to use descriptive words to describe the kids
  12. Day 7: Archive

    will be behind bars... ha ha ha http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070926/ap_en_...erland_arrested I know, its OOT but i thought you all might want to know
  13. Council Changes

    WOW echo... you really hate me don't you. I guess i can't guarantee anything because i'm not apart of the show but there is something i always learned.... leaders get paid/rewarded alot more than the rewards that are given out to workers for hard work... thats why i can guarantee this, because if this is a social experiment i think that they would involve true rules of life. and that rule is the biggest in the book when it comes to social/economical structure.
  14. Council Changes

    Baron good point but i guarantee that there is a prize for the final council members that will out weigh the star
  15. You all forget that some kids already tried to kill a rabbit, so i don't think that they will have any problem finding someone to kill a chicken. But then again... 1 chicken, 39 kids, doesn't go far. Mike most likely wants the chicken for council members only! Him and his high horse!