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  1. 7/17 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I saw that too! I have no idea? Anyone help?
  2. I totally agree with you;besides this group is more diverse than last season and other stuff will pop up before race.
  3. Zach Rance BB16 (Pre-season)

    He reminds me of Nick from last season, especially after seeing his interview with Jeff...yikes!
  4. Zach Rance BB16 (Pre-season)

    Nick, part 2.... just sayin'...
  5. BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    They should bring Mega Will back...talk about some drama...
  6. Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    Well she's having one now...
  7. Elissa - Week 3 MVP

    It's not that I do or don't like Elissa...she is a lot more normal than her sister, I just think it's not fair that Rachel's fan base keeps voting for her for MVP. It really should go to someone who is playing the game. Besides, you barely see her on the feeds to see what she is doing! The MVP is a good twist but unfortunately Rachel's fans ruined it and it will probably won't be used next season.
  8. MVP

    I second that vote!
  9. Jeremy McGuire (Pre-season)

    Douchy was more of the word I was thinking. We'll see what he'll be like in the house.
  10. Elissa Slater (Pre-season)

    Um they figured out rather quickly. Either they will align with her or get her out very quick!
  11. David Girton (Pre-season)

    Dear God, Please convince this guy to CUT HIS HAIR!!!!! I can't seem him going far!
  12. Jessie Kowalski (Pre-season)

    Is she one of the 4 people rumored to be recruited? Personally I don't like this chick. They need to get her out FAST
  13. The Cast

    Elissa Stater= Rachel Reilly's older sister.
  14. Willie Hantz, Pre-Season