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  1. Shocker!! Shocker!! If I had thought about who the final two were going to be , I would have never wasted my votes on Dan! I would have given AC to Brit because she was funny to watch when she was imitating Dan. Did any Frank fans ever stop to think why the other HG wanted Frank out from the beginning. Number one he was on Boogie's team, number two he was very good at challenges, and number three, IMHO, his social game stunk. He had no friends except Boogie.So after Boogie was evicted and Ashley sent to the jury house he was all alone. When I would chat while watching live feeds, I never heard anyone say that they had voted for Frank. It was always Dan or Ian. I would have even threw my 10 votes to Shane if I had thought Frank would have come in third. There's got to be a better system for voting for AC. IT's like voting for a president. The votes for AC were split between Ian and Dan, so the next runner up was the poor wrestler's son who got nominated many times. I'm sure Boogie had a lot of his friends voting for Frank. And in my opinion, these juriers were soar losers. I saw a better game played by Dan, and Ian was just as evil, which showed during the jury questions..
  2. odinsraven

    America's Choice $25,000 - Poll

    I voted for the one player who played the best game out of any reality show...Dan you have earned the whole thing and Ian second...Thank you Dan for telling America to vote for Ian, but I just cannot honor your request!!
  3. odinsraven

    Ian Terry, Week 9 (HoH)

    Sadly for Ian, I don't think he is worried about his safety in the house. He has stated QP final four..I would like to see him and Dan in final two because they both deserve to be there..This is just my opinion and how I have perceived this year. Dan has played the best game this season and should not be penalized not winning the grand prize because he has won before. But all that being said if anyone deserves to win instead of Dan it should be Ian..Not Dani because she has hung on to Dan and Shane, and not Shane because he just hasn't done much of anything, and that also includes Jenn..So I am rooting that Jenn leaves on Tuesday, and the final 2 will be Ian and Dan..
  4. Okay I'll write something for Shane to read when he gets out...Shane you have a nice physique, and I have enjoyed watching you sun bathe, but son you need to find some brain cells..You alligned yourself with a good group of players or you would have been gone a long time ago..You have let a 21 year old student who cannot lift weights outlast you in endurance competitions (he should have only won the memory ones) and a 30 year old out play you in the mental moves..If you don't win either the POV or HOH you will probably be out played by Ian, out witted by Dan, and out lasted by Dani your on again off again girl. But I still think you are a nice guy!!!
  5. odinsraven

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    Thanks guys for the song that is so Dan in a nice way..I wish I knew how to do all these things. Anyway back to Dan..What is the problem with him winning again? It's okay to have repeat wins in the Super Bowl or the World Series..So what is the problem with having a returning winner on BB to win..Dan has played a fantastic game, and he deserves it. I am just worried that all his side alliances are going to come back and bite him ! I'm not going to watch it live tonight because everytime I do some one else wins. I'll just sit back and wait until all of tonights episode ends then read Morty's updates before I watch the show.
  6. odinsraven

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    Dan my man!! You are just the best player ever in BB history..There is no one in the house that knows how to play this game but you. With out a doubt if America does not vote you their choice then there is no humidity in Ga...LOL. I hope that all the viewers who are against Dan winning a second time change their minds. He gets Ian do to what he wants, then Frank on board for almost throwing the veto, and actually suggesting to pull Jenn off the block. What kind of players are we dealing with. I am so glad Dr. Will is not in this house because him and Dan would make a clean sweep..Keep up the good work. Just one side note, that was very humbling to see how caring Dan was to Ian when talking about his OCD..
  7. odinsraven

    Did the coaches make or ruin this cast?

    I really don't know how to respond to this. It's a tough one. I have not liked any one player in the game except some of the coaches, and I liked Shane until I saw how indecisive he was. Janelle was my all time favorite, but I did not like her game. Boogie I have not liked any season, and he ruined Frank's season. Brit was enjoyable with her in your face comments. But my favorite of the season has been Dan's game!! Love him or not he made the game since his funeral..He will probably be gone before the final 4,but he made a boring season come alive for me. I agree that a lot of the players got an early out because of the coaches. But since the reset, I have enjoyed a dead season. There has been more back stabbing and big game moves in any season of BB. And I still don't know who is going to stick by who...But I can't wait to see..
  8. I hope the next luxury comp is the burning of those ugly, purple, jogging pants...I would love to hear her comment on how she thinks she looks in them!!
  9. If Rachel wins HOH, she has to take Porche to the final two. I don't want it this way, but I believe Adam would be the 4th vote that she will need to win because he goes by game play. I know that I am jumping ahead of myself, but I am happy that someone that I wanted to win has finally won the first part of the final competion..one thing that I have forgotten is when do they evict the next HG? And will the live feeds me blocked out again?
  10. odinsraven

    Live Eviction Show 9/8

    Adam and Porche are so funny..they are both walking like they just had a baby LOL!!!
  11. odinsraven

    Live Eviction Show 9/8

    Again...I wanted to see her fall now not Sunday night!!
  12. odinsraven

    Live Eviction Show 9/8

    Come on BB...It does not make any sense to block the feeds...They are not singing and there's no plotting going on..
  13. odinsraven

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    It looks like I am going to have to vote for Rachel now as Americas fan favorite, Jordan for sure is going to be evicted. I can't take the chance that Rachel is going to win. I love Jordan but she has not played a good game. She got worse in her game play (if that was possible)after Jeff left. Jordan seemed to not have her heart in the game. Rachel has played a good game, I cannot wait to see if she goes to the final 2 to vote. I sure am not going to give AP to Porche or Adam...Good luck Rachel..If I knew for sure that Rachel was in the final two, then I would vote for Jeff just to rub it in to Danielle, Shelly, and Kalia!!
  14. odinsraven

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    There is a site that broadcast live TV shows,,,Seeon.tv..some times when you go to that site it will only be showing limited shows..be patient and keep returning..you want to have available at least 40 public channels..Sometimes CBS is not on there..I am seeing now that it is offering a one time price of $29.99 charge for Android phones and Tablets..I watch these channels free from my laptop..good luck
  15. odinsraven

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    vyvashuss44..Try Seeon.TV This shows live tv stations...Good luck..