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  1. BigMDGirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I feel bad for Jessica. She is struggling with everyone being mean to them. She's seriously considering walking.
  2. BigMDGirl

    General discussion

    I really love BBOT! I love being involved with the voting! I love watching the Live Diary Sessions as well as the live comps. So worth it!
  3. Alex is concerned that Kryssie is targetting Morgan. Morgan just finished taking a cold shower but didn't wash her hair...she's going to do that in the sink tomorrow.
  4. Shelby and Alex in HoH saying that they have the votes because Justin is going to vote with them. Alex would nominate Kryssie if one of them wins veto but knows that Neely or Whitney would be awesome pawns because no one would vote them out. But Alex needs to know who America's nominee is but she believed Justin when he said that he wanted Shane out.
  5. Scott and Morgan were practicing the golf putting after Monte was teaching her to play pool. ILD
  6. Shane and Danielle are hoping that America will nominate Scott and they are gunning after Alex!
  7. Shane and Danielle are on the block. They left the room when Alex came down to explain that she was sorry but they are strong players.
  8. HGs had to find 4 items that that were new to the house and enter the #s into a machine that would unlock the safe that held the veto. Winning combination was 2449. Two new chairs, 4 letters spelling out Veto on the fridge, 4 flowers, and 9 fish. Jason won veto.
  9. 3:39 am BBT - James called to the DR. Corey and Nicole talking in the kitchen and she says that she's glad that she stuck to her guns and evicted Meech because Victor won HOH. She's making slop for him.
  10. 3:20 AM BBT - Nat is kind of excited to see their faces at the nomination ceremony. He says that he's going to ask Nat for the lube. He wonders what Victor's speech will be of why he's on the block. If he says it's because he's playing sides, then James says that he's not the only one, Corey and Nicole, you have anything to say? Now they are regretting not voting out Corey. Natalie is talking to America about donating on her cousin's Go Fund Me page.
  11. 3:08 AM BBT - James and Natalie talking about who will be evicted. He thinks that he'll be taken out first. James says, Let's get the hell out of here." He tells her, Babe, you better win. He says that he would move in with her. "Babe, let's go get a house." Natalie says that she wants an apartment. She asks him if he has good credit? She doesn't have good credit. Natalie says, "So you want me to buy a house with the 1/2 million dollars that I'm not going to win." She says if she wins, she'd move to Texas, cheer and move in with her but he'd have to pay the bills. They are talking about the type of house they want...ranch, open floor plan, smaller house and she will decorate it. James wants to bring Gizmo, his cat and she wants to get a dog. Natalie says that her heart hurts because she feels that they are going through a break-up. She wants to go out first and James yells, Hell NO! Natalie says that she wants to use the veto on him and he says no. He says that he's at the top of the pecking order of getting out and she has a better chance of winning. James says that he aligned with Nicole because she was a vet. Nat says that she trusted Paul and Victor. She doesn't want to be in the house without him...it will be hard.
  12. James is a SAINT! Natalie is complaining on and on and he's sitting there trying to pep her up. All he did was scare her and she's going on and on! I'm not sure that she likes him as much as he likes her! I hope that he wins the game!!! He just told her that he misses cuddling with her and all she said was, yeah. I'm not sure what happened between them.
  13. BigMDGirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Did anyone see the Paulie/Corey nomination coming??? I am shocked!