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  1. Marty, I agree with you. People seem to have a distaste for Austin based on appearance and possibly vocation. I, however, like him. A lot. I think not only is his game play and handling of Vanessa better than anyone else has so far, he also plays a very good social game. The HG's seem to like him. And that has gone a long way for keeping him off the block most of the time for so long. He also seems to be able to win comps when he absolutely has to. Johnny Mac with his PeeWee Herman like yelling and squawking in the DR annoys the crap out of me. He also seems to fly along by the seat of his pants and has no real plan. I can't get behind all the love for him when I don't feel like he deserves to win.
  2. sporadic

    Zach - Week 9 H O H

    My first time to post on Morty's...and I would like to put in my two cents here. In my opinion, Zach is dull and dorky. He seems to think he is way cooler and cleverer in his head than he comes across on my TV. I don't think he has been much of a target yet because he has been so blahh and unimposing that no one took him too seriously. Now that there are only a few still playing, he finally is getting noticed a bit. I predict he will be evicted on the Thurs night second eviction of the double. He is just expendable to everyone else playing. He only survived this week because he won HOH. Otherwise his dorky ass would have been history.