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  1. Jenn Arroyo, Week 3

    I can see it now. At the finale after the questions are finished and the winner is walking out the door, out walks Jenn from the shadows to claim victory because everyone forgot she was still there.
  2. Danielle Murphree, Week 3

    She's never been around gay people(that she knows of), and being from Alabama and I assume a church going girl, she has probably heard nothing good about them. When it's beat in your head from birth how bad gay people are, it's kind of a shock when you meet one and realize they are just normal people. I also live in Alabama and most people here are very homophobic and think all gay people want to hit on them(who told them they were all that?).
  3. Joe Arvin, Week 3 (Nominee)

    Please send this guy home. I saw him in that chef outfit on the liveshow and thought he was doing a Steven Segal impression.
  4. Big Brother 14 Picture Thread (7/12 - 7/17)

    Wil doing his best Fabio book cover impression.
  5. Big Brother 14 Picture Thread (7/12 - 7/17)

    Boogie trying to look interested as Janelle talks about her baby. Frank and Jenn try and figure out their next move.
  6. Coach Janelle, Week 1

    Is she drunk? She's slurring all over the place tonight.
  7. Big Brother 14 Picture Thread (7/12 - 7/17)

    The girls play Never Have I Ever. Janelle and Britney demand to know what happened earlier with Wil. They find out Wil was crying over stolen beer.
  8. JoJo, Week 1

    She's the loud obnoxious New Yorker I thought the other girl would be.
  9. Coach Britney, Week 1

    I can't stand this woman. If she keeps sucking her teeth I'm going to punch my monitor.
  10. Kara Monaco, Pre-Season

    She is going to single handedly double the live feed subscriptions.
  11. Ian Terry, Pre-Season

    Yeah, after watching the video there is something off about him. It's not an act. I think he's there for a twist because he is not camera friendly. He is smart though. He figured out the past HGs returning and even talked about a Hantz always being on these shows.
  12. Frank Eudy, Pre-Season

    If he's built anything like his dad, he's going to be very uncomfortable in the house.
  13. Joe Arvin, Pre-Season

    Chef means he's not going anywhere for awhile unless he's just a jerk.
  14. Shane Meaney, Pre-Season

    The pretty boy of the season.