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  1. Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    Adam told Dick and Rachel he voted for Porsche BECAUSE he had already saw Shelly vote for Rachel so he knew Rachel won so he gave a pity vote for Porsche...they both called him out as total bull crap and he's just a liar tool and Rachel wouldn't hug him when he tried too. hahaha
  2. After Party Feeds 9/14

    Seriously wasn't like that. He said it was like homer choking bart, when Dani was being stupid he felt like he could have but obviously not serious.
  3. After Party Feeds 9/14

    Cassi was so raged Rachel won, hilarious how mad people get. A whole season has past and she's still so mad.
  4. Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    hahahaha Dick keeps calling adam a Tool. I love it. Kalia agrees. So true.
  5. Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    Couldn't be happier. Finally somebody won i wanted. Rachel!
  6. After Party Feeds 9/14

    Danielle just needs to say she F'ed up and won't do it. It's so obvious she's about delusional as Adam.
  7. After Party Feeds 9/14

    Agreed Dick was really nice, good interview. Surprised me!
  8. BB 13 Finale Night - Sept. 14th 9:30EST

    Yep Dick is about to interview people as well in just a minute on his site. I watch ED because he's going to wreck Adams world. Can't wait!
  9. BB 13 Finale Night - Sept. 14th 9:30EST

    Seriously Danielle is such a joke. She was so furious that entire time it's hilarious and ED telling her how dumb she was made it better. Adam, your a bitter tool and people dislike you EVEN MORE for voting for P to win over Rachel. Never have to see him again = happy
  10. Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    TOOL. Voting for P cause he's butthurt. You suck.
  11. No doubt Lemon. She also left the room when she knew there was about to be yelling with Jeff, Adam, and Shelly and said she didn't want apart of it. People are just gonna hate, nothing can be done.
  12. Adam - Week 8/DE Part 2 Replacement Nominee

    I thought he was throwing all these comps but does he actually just suck this bad? I WANT to believe that he is truly loyal to Jeff and Jordan which I think he showed by voting for Jeff to stay but he helps nobody out with never winning a thing. His DR's make it seem like he actually just sucks but he's too smart to not win...is he the most fail player ever under pressure or does he throw them? I'd say throw but don't people use their DR's to tell the truth lol the one place they don't have to lie...
  13. Having seen that, I though Jordan would have started it but Shelly was the one to get into Jordans face and start yelling. Good for Jordan.
  14. Adam - Week 8/DE Part 2 Replacement Nominee

    The main page at 1 point made it sound like Adam told Jordan even if she kept him he wouldn't work with the vets!?!? Like is he serious? Maybe I misread it but coming from Adam that almost sounds like something he'd say. This was earlier in the day so I'll continue reading...
  15. LOL Shelly thinks she could have beat anybody in F2 except Kalia!!! What the F, I want the pills she is taking. Does she actually think she'd get a vet vote? I just don't even know...just a crazy lady.