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  1. August 24, Live Feed Updates

    when dani said she didn't miss jen, dick actually said he'd miss having herpes more (than he misses jen). now in HOH Eric and Jess are talking about keeping the alliance with D&D. Eric thinks they will win when they need to in 4 and 3 and if he does lose the HOH and POV than he should go. then he asks if jen's parting comment about his gf bugged her. no she says or she would have said.
  2. August 24, Live Feed Updates

    are you sure that was amber? jessica said the exact same thing to eric in HOH ten mins ago..
  3. August 24, Live Feed Updates

    i didn't catch it all but in between the lux comp talk eric and jessica were talking about numbers for the HOH comp next week and I believe Eric said "one reason not to put up DD this week is bc of the HOh next week...unless i can pull it together which i need to.." does anyone else have more on this? edit: found it on jokers (posted by southernbelladonna) Eric says he thinks Amber/Zach is the best noms...Jess agrees. Eric says the two people who annoy you will talk to you less. Jess jokes that she should say that during the ceremony. Eric says if they decide to vote out Amber come thurs., they can cut a deal w/ Zach...they don't have to cut a deal now. Eric says they shouldn't go after D&D this week, because if they did, they would for sure go up next week. Jess agrees. Eric comments that no one is on slop this week (so there will be no further food comp). Jess agrees as she's eating chips.
  4. August 23, Live Feed Updates

    Amber tells eric that jen told her that D&D told Jen to go up to the HOH as much as possible when jess was HOH and act sad all the time and get information. eric: that i believe actually Amber talking to Eric about how Jen told her not to trust him b/c of what he did to Dust. eric telling her that jen was crazy and thought she knew everything but she didn't b/c no one talked to her. eric: i never had any plan to get rid of dustin. i liked him. i made a decision under the gun as did four others, jen included. ..as i see it, it's sour grapes. (ed. - basically don't believe anything jen said to you (amber) )
  5. August 23, Live Feed Updates

    dick waves jessica's pom poms after his jets chant and then does the irish jig and says " and jen's gone!!!" amber tells eric what jen said about him. he asks if jess was mad and amber says not at all. then amber says that jen told her that eric's friends would hate him for talking to her. eric: oookkayy... like i've had long talks with jen about my friends. dick is writing on the door to his room "ding dong she (big space) is dead!!" BB: DICK KNOCK IT OFF dick: i'm almost done BB: DICK KNOCK.IT.OFF!! dick: i'm almost done!! dick stops BB: DICK STOP THAT! Dick: I'm done! i'll wait to you aren't watching.. *Flips cam the bird* BB: DICK STOP IT~! Dick: I did! a few mins.. BB: DICK PLEASE GO TO THE DR
  6. August 22, Live Feed Updates

    before jameka stamped on the spider, she was singing and BB said PLEASE STOP SINGING.. Jameka to BB: I'm sorry, it's just what I dooooo
  7. August 22, Live Feed Updates

    no prob! jen is wearing her jeniune shirt and zach and eric are in bed in the LBR. earlier cam1 showed JENIUNE and it appeared to be printed on jen's BB bag.. jameka off cam presumably continuing to struggle with her shirley temple look..
  8. August 22, Live Feed Updates

    Jen lies..Earlier while talking to Jam and Amber she said: "I think it's funny because in my pre-interviews, I was like, 'Well, watching the seasons, I think that the only way I'd go out is backdoor." (ed. thought she didn't watch BB before..)