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  1. giraffe176

    Monday, September 3rd

    If Jameka says no deal, are D&D going to vote Jameka out? Or are they going to vote to evict Jess instead. IMO Jameka wouldn't throw Jess under the bus.
  2. 1:45 BBT Just turned the feeds on and all 4 are on Jess sunbathing. 1:50 BBT She got up to go to the pool 1:55 BBT She is spinning the rubber ducky around and drowning him while saying booyah! at 2:00 BBT she got out of the pool and is folding clothes that came out of the drier. 2:03 Jameka Joins her and Jess says that she went in the pool, and the pool was hot. She didn't want to get her hair wet, cause she didn't want to shower in cold water. Jameka says that ED said that she was the one going home, she is unsure as if this is a "I'm going to say this, and do something different" type of thing. Jameka recounts her conversation with him a few hours ago, where he said she was going home. They are waiting for some "power" to come and save us. They both go inside. Jameka is going to run for 10 minutes, and jess is going outside again, after she grabs a pillow from the BBR. (I presume the rest of the house is sleeping) Jess is laying in the pool now, at 2:12 and all 4 are on her.
  3. Jess asks Jameka to check the SR for the booze, as she was called to the DR. Eric, instead of creating "Eric" with those M&Ms has created "Earl". Zach explains pente again, and Jess joins in. At 9:38 the game officially begins, and so does the silence. Dick has lost after 2 minutes and they start a new game. Dani is drinking a vitamin water and is observing the game, along with Jess and Eric. As an update Dick, Zach are playing Jess, Eric, and Dani are observing, and Jameka is in the DR Eric's creation is now "I *heart shape* Earl" Jameka is out of the DR at 9:43. Jess and Jam go out side. Jess talks about how Eric over exaggerated a story, and how she told him that. Jameka talks about how boring her DRs must be and we get FotH. Jess says that she must be a good drunk. Jameka wonders what they show on Showtime. Jess wonders if her folks bought showtime to see her. Jess says that her parents bought the live feeds, and that they have a lot of computers. Jameka thinks her DR was cut short, cause something might of happened in the house. Jess and Jameka say that they feel intimidated by zach and dick, and that is why they are not campaigning. Jameka says that this is the time when we need to pray to god for our safety. (I'm really tired guys. I thought I could last longer, but I can't.)
  4. Just turned the feeds on and it looks like they sorted out a whole bags of M&Ms by color and eric was going to spell out eric with those. Zach explains a game called pente to Dick that he says is like connect 4, but it is on a board that is 20 stones across, and the M&Ms are called "stones". Dani and Jess are wondering if they have alcohol, and Jess brings up the fact that it is only 9:30.
  5. It is now 12:00 in the BB House and it looks like Jess and Eric are in separate beds. Eric is in the LBR and Jess is in the BBR. Dick and Zach are playing water pong in the KT. I can only guess that Jameka and Dani are laying down, or maybe asleep, I can't really tell. Zach and Dick really want the LD to be over. Dick is talking to BB about how he knows the rules about being in the lounge area only or what ever.. and Dick goes to the SR and notices that they are out of Advil. Dick talks to the camera and chants "let me out, let me out!" Zach asks the camera "outside?" like he is asking his dog if he wants to go outside, it was funny. Dick just sits in a chair in the KT and i think that Zach went up to the HOH, saying that he would wait 10 more minutes, and if they don't open it up than he is going to bed. 12:10 BBT Dick is cracking his knuckles, and then burps. All other HG in their beds lying down or they are asleep. (If it weren't for the veto this would be one boring night...) Jameka gets out of bed and sits on the purple couch in the LR, Dick asks jameka if she couldn't sleep all we get is a mhhhmmm.
  6. Nice work tonight with the updates!

  7. Around 10:15 BBT Jess and Eric are seeing how far they can send their tounge down their chin. Eric can touch the bottom of his chin. They are cuddling in the LBR Jameka is called to the DR at 10:21, she is asleep. She is called again. and Jess yells to the voice that she is asleep. Eric is wondering if they will switch people or will the next person called will be Jameka, Jam gets up and is sluggish getting out of the room. Eric wonders what would happen if they had to sleep in a small bed for a year, Jess would move out. Eric decides that it would be cheaper to sell stuff and buy new stuff than it would be to move it. Talk about the veto tomorrow and how Jess needs to win it, (actually it would be the best if Eric won.) Veto Talk. Eric is going over past veto comps. Dick comes into the LBR and says that they downgraded beds. Dick will be pissed if the LD is not over at exactly midnight. BB said something at 10:33 but Dani's whining on my other feed prevented me from hearing that. We get FotH. Ant bashing. Dick is enjoying his ice cream while ant bashing continues. Dick and Eric think that they don't have ants in the sequester but talk soon goes to Jen bashing, by Eric and Dick. Dick goes to paint his nails. Talk about how many weeks Amber will be in sequester. Jess has her math right, and Eric does not. Eric is not planning on a double eviction next week. Dick joins in the discussion and he sets them straight. Sequester talk again and how they have personal chefs, and how harrible (Eric talk) it must be being with Dustin. Dick thinks that Dustin's one regret was not grabbing his crown. Jen bashing, again. Dick thinks that Jen hangs out with abusive guys. Dick hasn't made arrangements for bills to be paid, so when he gets home he will have no electricity, no gas, no hot water, no cable, no phone, he has paid rent, and his car payment. 10:42 Jameka has comeback. Jess has a cell phone service called "cricket." Eric got his phone confiscated when he left for the whole experience. They wonder if they will get a handler on their way back. Eric thinks it would be awesome if he followed someone around all day, so that he would experience the live feeds first hand. Dick explains that 90% of the live feeds are garbage, and you have to be listening to the right cam at the right time, and you can't hear anyways. Eric wonders if your second toe is supposed to be taller than the big toe. Dick "Only if you're retarded!" Jess says that it means that you are really smart. Dick wants to know what time it is. Zach says 10:45. Dick really wants to smoke, and go into the HT. All HG are in the LBR, i think, and they talk about how today is boring, cause they are all sore and tired from last night.
  8. First off I'd Like to thank you to all the new posters tonight. I will cover what happens on F3 10:05 Dick is just called to the DR leaving Dani, Eric and Zach in the KT. Eric is upset that when he goes into the DR and then leaves, they call him back and ask them the same questions. Talk about how fast today went (Just wait till they find out about the veto). Eric remembers that he hasn't brushed his teeth today, but he has used mouthwash. back to the KT and dani is cooking some meat, and offers some to Zach, Zach politely declines. Dani goes to SR to get something, and Zach goes to the bathroom and says that he appreciates what Eric said to him, and he took it to heart. Eric thanks him back and then Zach goes into the stall. Eric is done brushing, and is now mouth washing. Zach is out and washes his hands, and goes back into the KT. Dani is back working at the meat. Dani thinks that each HG will take things (personality things, and various sayings) home with them, Zach thinks his co-workers will call him Shrek. Eric joins, and Eric says that the vitamins make him pee a lot. Dani agrees. Zach is going over questions like "would you be willing to put you HG on slop for 30 days" with dani. Dani says "Okay" in a weird voice that is hard to describe. Zach notices that there are 3 people who have green backgrounds with their memory wall pictures and 3 have red. 4 on the left and 2 on the right. Dani is wondering if Zach wants any meat again, and Zach says no agian.
  9. giraffe176

    Week 9 P O V Comp.

    With dick's comment, and the fact that on House Calls (I normally don't watch but i wanted to confirm that the veto was tonight) Janelle said that she would be hosting the veto tonight (August 31st). I do think that the veto will be tonight. If not imma be angry
  10. giraffe176

    Friday, August 31st

    Well that all depends on which midnight (BBT or EDT or something inbetween). I guess I might have to stay up untill it is midnight in my timezone, (CDT) and see what happens. If it is BBT I'll just find out who won tomorrow morning EDIT: I guess my question was answered while I was posting this
  11. giraffe176

    Friday, August 31st

    Midnight BBT or midnight EDT? or something inbetween?
  12. giraffe176

    Amber Week 8 Evicted

    thats one of the best things i've seen all day.
  13. Tax talk at 6:28, and how much they have made. Dani didn't make a lot in 2006. at Lucielles (sp?) dani worked 80+ hours on each paycheck. Zach says that his folks are taking care of his various payments. Stipends get brought up. FotH. Tax talk when we get back. (This is almost as boring as doing taxes). What can you deduct and what you cannot. 6:37 BBT First Impressions on various HG. FotH right when dani was going to share her first impression of Jen. Zach thinks when Jen gets back she won't have her job. Zach wonders if he still has his job. Dani is looking forward to zach hooking them up with Disneyland when they get out. Zach flips through the spy screens again. FOTH! (grrr) Zach finds out that Disney World in Orlando is the better than Disneyland. Zach wonders if dani has been to santa montica peer and the various rides and amusement stuff. FotH.