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  1. jessca4life


    yes great interview... well done.
  2. jessca4life

    Eric - Evicted Day 69

    again with this over analyzing jessica blog... if you read the latest post by jessica... you would understand why she said that.... she is very guarded.
  3. so fast thought it would take them at least a month away from each other.
  4. Eric & Jess Gag Reel NEW ANGLE... much better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFmmkX3I0lo
  5. jessca4life

    Will The Romance Continue After Bb Is Over?

    haha cute couple arrow here is a photo after the party heading back to the hotel.
  6. I bealive this happen wednesday night... when Zack try to get into L.A. hotspot Hyde but it dint happen & Zack bashing back to the bouncer.. http://www.tmz.com/tmz_main_video?titleid=1202413535
  7. jessca4life

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    want more wrap party pics? here they are got them all in this site... think they will post more later so check that site out. http://teamjeric.forumotion.com/Jeric-Pics...ictures-t65.htm jessica looking stunning who came with eric at the party
  8. jessca4life

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    Check out the links I posted so far thats all I have seen on the web from the WRAP Party. Links are posted at video and pictures thread. if you have anything that I havent posted please share it with the rest of us
  9. Not my pictures just found it WRAP PARTY PICTURES!!! http://iluvshania831.livejournal.com/161175.html Also another one I found very funny from the WRAP PARTY!!! & another http://flickr.com/photos/planetbaub/sets/72157602095381736/ all links are found in this site where I found it. http://teamjeric.forumotion.com/Jeric-Pics...ictures-t65.htm (must be a member to see pictures)
  10. jessca4life

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    hope someone in the party is taping or taking pictures tonight....
  11. jessca4life

    Housecalls: The Big Brother Talk Show

    fantastic way to end housecalls two of my favs Zack & Eric... great interviews. Marie called (jess mum) and brothers of eric.
  12. jessca4life

    Will The Romance Continue After Bb Is Over?

    sunflower05 great catch keep us up to date.. getting tired of all this dick and dani story on real BLAH!!!
  13. September 20th. chat tomorrow u mean. ALso the guy working said to stay tuned for the exclusive chat from all the hgs