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    Swimming, reading, biking, figure skating, sleeping, BIG BROTHER!!
  1. Tillgurl

    Some HG's Websites

    Sarah and James' are FOR SURE real.
  2. Tillgurl

    maggie's attire for

    maggie has horrible roots!!!!!!!!
  3. Tillgurl

    Houseguest Blogs and Websites (General)

    His old myspace was deleted. His new one is www.myspace.com/jamesbb6
  4. Tillgurl

    The Early Show / Secret Scenes

    ooh ok. aww i really wanted to see james :( I started watching at 8:30 my time (5:30 bbt)...but he wasnt on. so i figured he was on earlier.
  5. no julie said beau will be on HC on tuesday. i guess since today is a holiday. ooh does marcellas hate jen becuz he LOVED Kaysar??
  6. Why dont Marcellas and Gretchen like her?
  7. Tillgurl

    The Early Show / Secret Scenes

    WHAT? Are you sure??? Why not???
  8. HEY! I missed Jen when she was on Housecalls. and I wont be able to see for about a week, when my new computer arrives, because the one i am on now wont show me housecalls..(this comp is SO Slow and old!!). CAn someone plz sum up what happened when she was on?? thanks
  9. Tillgurl

    The Early Show / Secret Scenes

    HEY, wow this place is fast now, i havn't been on this site in like a month! I was wondering, where can I find a video of James on early show with Julie Chen? Its not in the BB6 Week 8 section, and there is so week 9 yet. And its not on the "big brother pages" page. Can someone plz send me link? I love james, and really wanna see him on the early show! THANKS
  10. how much is it like per minute? do they charge me if im on hold? cuz i wanna gonna dial: 10-10-925-1-323-227-1000 but im worried it will be pricy and my dad will get mad.
  11. Tillgurl

    thank you, thank you, thank you!

    it drives me crazy..i can only get in in the AM. im sorry but i've taken my business elsewhere after lunch...sorry morty. but this site is still my FAV bb6 site!!!
  12. Is house calls toll free? or long distance? because i live in canada but i wanna phone..how much does it cost?
  13. Tillgurl

    whats happened?

    hmm chat lines etc are often all bullsh!t
  14. Marcellas was great. He had great points abt Eric backstabbing etc, and had great proof to back everything up. GO MARCELLAS
  15. LMAO...Gretchen was NEVER on BB