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  1. 12:30 AM BBT - Emmett, Gary and Jill in HOH room. Discussions around Gary going up. Then about latest POV. 12:33AM BBT - BB - Emmett, please go to the DR. Gary - so I am going on the block. Jill - you're going home? No, on the block, hopefully, not home. Jill to Emmett - is that the smartest move? Emmett - you wanna go? Gary - this is our game now. Gary suggests to Jill they could be F2. 12:35AM BBT - Gary - we have the numbers. I don't have regrets but I see how some of my actions may have made Emmett feel this way. Jill - when it happened Emmett said this is a good thing for us. Gary - I have always trusted emmett even when I didn't know his last name. 12:37 AM BBT - Jill and Gary discuss alliances and his lack of them. Jill blowing her nose and walking in and out. Gary - I felt like the vibe in the jury house was "team Andrew". 12:38 AM BBT- Jill - can we hear about this jury and me? 12:38 AM BBT - Jill - I have all sorts of blood on my hands. Gary - people will not vote based on you putting them on the block. She tells Gary about a fight between her and Peter. Gary - Peter fights? 12:40 AM BBT - Jill - I was fighting and had no makeup on. Gary - oh, my gawd! 12:41AM BBT - Gary discusses his eviction and the votes. Gary - I have to make it up to Emmett. 12:41AM BBT - Gary - Emmett needs to see my heart. I hate Talla. Andrew put me on block and lied to my face. I wish he had the balls to tell me the truth. Those two, I don't respect at all and they need to leave the game. 12:43 AM BBT - Jill - we need to get rid of Andrew as he is good. Gary - I am weak at puzzles. Jill doesn't know how she beat Peter at the puzzle. 12:44 AM BBT- Gary - how long did Peter think he could fly under the radar? 12:45AM BBT- Gary - I am going to win the POV. Jill - I am going to win the POV also. Gary - only one of us can win. 12:46AM BBT - Gary and Jill talking about scenarios around Emmett and them. Gary - I just have to trust Emmett. Jill - you can. 12:47 AM BBT - Jill tells Gary about her DR session where she had to talk about biggest regrets. [Damn, they are talking faster than I can type!] 12:48 AM BBT - Gary talks about how he gained trust for Jill (and Emmett). Jill- there are 5 people left. We have to trust someone. Gary - we have three and it is solid. Canada put me here and it is final three. Gary - I came here for fame. As much as I want to win, camera time is important. I want exposure. Either way I am winning. Here comes Emmett back from Dr. 12:50 AM BBT - Jill - what was that about. Emmett - you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions. Emmett and Gary resume chess. Gary realizes it is a double eviction next week as there are only 2 weeks left. Chess resumes. 12;52 AM BBT - meanwhile - HNR - is dark and there is at least one person on the round bed. 12:53AM BBT- Jill to BR and then to WA and then to LR and then to HOH Room. 12:55AM BBT - Jill - I keep forgetting things and the reverse trek starts and is completed. 12:56AM BBT - chess continues in the HOH room. 12:56AM BBT- earlier Emmett to Gary - you can have as much camera time as you want. 12:58AM BBT - Gary to Jill - and Andrew and Talla are have nots? Jill- yes, she was pissed. Gary is losing at chess and is clarifying the rules. Jill - oh, they had to be our slaves for 72 hours. Gary - I would be like, fetch me a water. 1:00AM BBT - I am out for the night.
  2. Shortly after 11:00 PM BBT - in KT, Andrew, Talla, Jillian and Emmett. Emmett comes up behind Jill and cups her breasts with his hands. Andrew and Talla say something like, Oh, my god!" and Jilli says, "I don't even notice anymore". Andrew suggests Jill's father will meet Emmett and then punch him in the face. Talla to WA, Andrew, Jillian and Emmett to HT but Jill does not join them as it is snowing. Andrew remarks, "this is Canada".Andrew and Emmett are discussing Talla and Peter and possible outcomes. Jill is in KT playing with discs on table and we have SotH.
  3. Tuesday, April 9th 7:24 PM BBT - the red circle shows the approximate location of the BB house. It is RAINING on them.
  4. 7:07 PM BBT - Talla and Topaz in kitching, perhaps cooking. Jill giving additional direction. 7:08 PM BBT - Andrew and Emmett in HT, Alec has hit feet over the edge. Talking about what their neighbours said about them or did while they were living near them. 7:10 PM BBT- Alec has a parka on and it has a fur lined hood. Peter is coming out to join them and has a bin or something on his head. The camera lens is coated with rain. [London, 90 minutes west of Toronto) was under a severe raifall warning earlier and Toronto appears to be under a winter storm watch.] 7:13 PM BBT - Jill came near the HT and Emmett tried to get her to join them but she said it was "too wet". 7:14 PM BBT - Jill back to KT to re-join Talla and Topaz in discussion about high school grades, no grade 13 in Alberta.
  5. 4:45PM BBT - Talla puts lenses drops in Jill's eyes. talla - Cooool, I wanna do this all the time. Emmett arrives. 4:47PM BBT - [i am gone!]
  6. 4:42 PM BBT - Talla to BR and Topaz is "gone. She wakes Jill up and Jill isn't sure how long she slept. Talla - it is after 4. 4:43 PM BBT - I was wrong - Topaz is still in bed. Talla - why didn't anyone tell me it is "tub" and then "pool". 4:44 PM BBT - Talla - it is around 4:45 (close). Talla - it is pouring rain outside. Jill - my contacts are all messed up. [she is really drowsy]
  7. 4:35 PM BBT - Talla is out of shower and is dressed and is brushing her hair. 4:37 PM BBT - Andrew - this is so crazy, there is no one here. Exercise continues intermittently.
  8. 4:33 PM BBT - Andrew and Emmett discussing purchases made prior to entry to house and some were rejected due to logos. BB - HG, please stop talking about brand names. 4;34 PM BBT - Andrew, Peter and Emmett back into exercise routine.
  9. 4:28 PM BBT- Talla to WA rummaging through her drawer and then into shower. 4:31 PM BBT - Jill and Topaz still asleep. Jill is on bed and has her shoes on.
  10. 4:27 PM BBT - Talla in Kt and drops a cereal bowl and announces "I'm fine, if anyone is wondering". [No one appears to be]
  11. 4:22 PM BBT - Exercise, floating and sleeping continues with little interesting discussion. 4:23 PM BBT - Emmett explains a 30 AMP outlet in the wall to Andrew and says, "whatever they do out here they need lots o fpower".
  12. 4:14PM BBT - Andrew - it is time for a fresh air break and discovers it is raining.