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  1. LOL I was laughing my ass off... gosh that was classic! That was seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show. I kept having to rewind it and see it again.
  2. It's more disapointment than anything else. I was hoping for a more honest game from Dan but he's been channelling more and more "Boogie" each week. When he first started talking about ratting out Ian for helping them, I began losing respect for Dan. Then again during the Pandoras Box while slamming the door in Brit's face, and lying about already winning the Veto-ball. And now he's back-stabbed his entire alliance... Not too sad to see Boogie jr. eventually leave. He's an unholy holy-man.
  3. Dan's been one of my tops the whole season. Hating him alot right now after recent events.
  4. DeanMachine

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    What was with Ian's weird, demanding, bad-attitude with Joe on the show just before the fast-forward noms? It seemed really awkward. He shouldn't try to pretend to be tough. It doesn't work for him.
  5. DeanMachine

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    Yeah I thought it was Boogie who cheated the first time (erased his answer and changed it, then was the first one elliminated anyway...karma). Now it seems Frank is being accused of cheating here but no one seems to actually know what he did or didn't do. He could have been disqualified for a stupid mistake he made. We'll have to wait till Wednesday to find out for sure.
  6. DeanMachine

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    Evil Dick? Well this is kinda weird but... Despite hating him for so long, I am kinda sorta leaning towards Frank more now. With Boogie gone, you'd think they'd give the guy a chance now but it seems they're all lying to him again and will fake him out so they can put him up on the block again. I just wish someone would make a deqal with him and stick with it for a change. Despite being screwed around the whole time, I really do think he's earned the right to be there now. Unlike Jenn who has done even less than Ashley.
  7. DeanMachine

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    Just wondering about something here... Does anyone know what exactly was heard by the other house-guests during the leaked diary room session when Ian was in there? I kept reading that they could hear it coming out over the house speakers and were shouting to production that they could hear him but I didn't read anywhere what was heard. Was any of his game-play leaked out for the others to hear?
  8. DeanMachine

    Joe, Week 6

    What exactly was the cheating that went on? I keep hearing about it but has anyone heard what exactly happened? And was Joe the only person to catch on to it?
  9. DeanMachine

    Danielle, Week 4 (HoH & PoV)

    Actually, back-doored is the move where you get nominated after you don't compete in the Veto comp. Usually it results in eviction as part of the grand scheme but she was still technically back-doored since she was one of the HGs not playing for the Veto. Lucky for her she just happened to be a pawn at the time but a back-doored pawn nonetheless. Most people assume being back-doored is being nominated after Veto even when they did play in the comp but the not competing is the main part of it.
  10. I was the same way. Jamelle has been my favorite HG for years in BB and still was at the beginning of this season as well. But as the month went on I found myself not liking her gameplay more and more each week. I lost some respect for Dan this week also when he became a player and got stupid. Reveals the vote to Boogie and tried his best to keep all 4 coaches in the game. Both dumb-ass moves. I hated Booger the whole month but suddenly find myself believing his gameplay to be the best so far. However, I do dread to see him and Frank's next Chilltown-style DR session. Prolly be something like this: "Aww, on the block again?" "Yeah... Looks like the entire house really wants me to go home." "Wait. Did we convince Daneille to change her nominations, join us in a super-alliance, and put Janelle up to send her home this week instead?" "Yeah we did." "BWA-HA-HA-HA!"
  11. DeanMachine

    Danielle, Week 4 (HoH & PoV)

    I'm glad Daniele won but I can't believe Dan fucked up by playing the game the same way he has been accusing Danielle of playing... emotionally. He actually gets giddy like a schoolgirl and tells Booger in the DR hallway that he just saved his boy Frank??? RU FREAKING SERIOUS? Now Booger and Frank are doubting Dan and Danielle for lying to them about Frank being safe this past week. Personally, I didn't want the twist...and if they went ahead with it anyway (and we all knew they would), I definitely didn't want no eviction at all this week. Frank or Joe should have been gone.
  12. DeanMachine

    Shane Meaney, Week 3 (HoH & PoV Winner)

    I'm not completely caught up with actual events, but I really wish he wouldn't be Boogoe's Bitch.
  13. DeanMachine

    America Votes - Coaches enter the game?

    Pretty much just this. It sucks that it's gonna happen no matter what. (we all know know it's gonna happen no matter what) I really wish they'd consider the actual thoughts and feeling of the real fans of the show.
  14. DeanMachine

    Willie Hantz, Week 2 (Out - July 20)

    Thank you for pointing that out. I thought I remembered seeing that too but haven't seen it since it aired. All I kept hearing was Willie head-butted Joe, I thought maybe I was remembering it wrong with Joe chest-bumping Willie first. I wasn't a Willie fan, I thought he was an asshat, but I seriously can't stand Joe.
  15. DeanMachine

    Sunday, July 22 TV Show

    I actually disliked Willie more before the show aired. I know he f#cked his game up and put his team-mates in the crosshairs but since when has that ever been a defining end moment in the Big Brother house? It happens all the friggin' time. Things could have gone completely the other way by next week. There was no need for Britney to shut him out from everyone permanantly. All she had to do was tell him to lay low and keep his distance from Shane & JoJo for a week until the house turned again.