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  1. I will laugh even harder if/when the wicked witch of the west gets kicked to the BB jury house. Having no feeds stinks. Do the folks who pay hard cash for 24/7 access get some kind of rebate for two - three days of no feeds? A few hours here and there is one thing but days? ... entirely different story.
  2. NOW Austin suddenly realizes that he and the twins are huge targets? Duh !! Stupid is too kind a word to use for this bunch. NOW he thinks they need to keep Van around to give them the numbers? Like Van is so trustworthy? He is forgetting that someone is coming back into the house and if JM is evicted this week, it is doubtful that it will be him returning and I am sure if it is Shelli, Becky or Jackie coming back, they will be gunning for the Austwins... lol.. But Austin can't think that far ahead. Their collective goose is cooked no matter what if they don't keep winning HOH. If they don't backdoor Van this week, I am done... done... done....with BB this year. lol...way too frustrating for all the wrong reasons. Early on, I had high hopes for JM but he is proving to be as stupid as the rest of them.
  3. Really? Van didn't start it but she sure weighed in when she got a whiff of the change in which way the wind was blowing. Didn't you read all the feeds where she is stoking the fire, bad-mouthing Becky and Shelli? Did you read/hear where she said she wouldn't campaign against Shelli and then campaigned against Shelli? The 'Goblins' wouldn't know what was good for their game if it walked up and smacked them in the face. I think their collective I.Q. is about 17... perfect foils for Van's game. She thinks/plays circles around them. The only ones that I think can see thru Van's manipulations might be... repeat... might be Becky, Jackie and John. Not too sure about the last two..lol. Unlike in other BBs, I don't have a favorite yet but I was beginning to admire the 'Gremlin' bunch when they got rid of Clay and then...... I thought... Vanessa. Breaking up the shomance and then getting rid of 'the brain', Vanessa, was brilliant. The next logical step would have been going after the twins/Austin block ... but it will be Van leading the parade now, not the 'Gremlins'.
  4. These people are so unbelievably stupid. In 24 hours, Van has managed to manipulate them to keep her and vote out Shelli. Now, as we speak, she is using Julia to drive a wedge between the twins and Austin (nice move, Van) and they think Shelli is the more dangerous player? If they don't get Vanessa out while they have the chance, they never will. Talk about taking a snake to your busom...lol.. Van will bite them all in the end (pun intended). Bunch of sheep and spineless to boot. They deserve what they get. It won't be pretty. But it will be boring. This is the most boring BB I have ever witnessed.
  5. Now that I think about it, you are right. It all started with James having Clay's shirt and Shelli getting it back. James started freaking out and the chatter started. But Van sure pounced and the 'save Van' movement was on..lol. This year's BB is just pitiful in a way. Wonder how Becky is going to react with everyone jumping ship?
  6. I think all these people have slop for brains. See how easy it was for Van to turn them all? What a bunch of cattle. And they think Shelli is the bigger threat. What do they think Van is going to do with them? If they turn on Becky, she will have a plan. She is a wild card and has suddenly shown she is good at comps. By the way. Didn't Van say she never lies? When is it going to dawn on these people that she promised not to campaign against Shelli and here she is campaigning against Shelli. Like I said.... slop for brains. They better get her out. They may not have another chance. Van is way smarter than most of them.
  7. Well, well, well. So much for Caleb being half the man he thinks he is and with having half the brain he thinks he has. lol.. He is truly pathetic and insipid. Getting Frankie out would have been brilliant... daring, but brilliant. and would have shuffled things around a bit. The girls are so stupid. Can't they see the handwriting on the wall? I can't understand Christine except she must think she can keep winning HoHs and other challenges to keep herself safe. Don't they see they are getting picked off, one by one? Yes... this is so predictably boring now..lol. And I am pretty certain Frankie will have no qualms at turning on any of them.. just a question of when.. not if.
  8. I think Derrick would love to see Frankie and Christine go right now.. sooner than later. Don't they realize if they don't get Frankie out post-haste, they never will? How any of them stand Christine's incessant cackling all the time is beyond me. All she needs is a mole on her chin with a hair groiwing out of it ahd she makes a perfect witch..lol. Her outside would then match her inside.