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    Big Brother General Discussion

    I think Natalie would want to nominate and get out Victor because she doesn't like him. That's what "the house" would probably want as well (aside from Paul) and what James would steer her towards. The problem with this season was that roadkill ensured that the house got what it wanted each week pretty much. If you were in the minority or smaller group not much you could do unless you won everything.
  2. TempletonPeck

    Is Paul a molester?

    I highly doubt it. If he was they'd have called him on it by now like how Frank got called on the butt slapping. Victor also has been called out and is pretty butthurt about it
  3. My prediction is he'll be as clueless as ever at playing the game and get evicted sooner rather than later.
  4. TempletonPeck

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    I like how they changed it to "vote for Zach" after the voting was practically over to save face.
  5. TempletonPeck

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    While technically it's fair game for her to do that, I would have hoped she'd be above that sort of thing. It just shows what kind of person she is though. I guess she has to help keep up Frankie's inflated sense of self worth anyway she can.
  6. Is it majority rules or do they all have to agree to the mission they make up? Derrick and Frankie could do whatever they wanted if it was majority rules. I think they should have to come up with two options, then voters get to approve one.
  7. So all the money has to be given back because Joey was voted off?
  8. TempletonPeck

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 9)

    They had to get Victoria some air time some how.
  9. The way some people talk about him on this forum and not playing the game always reminds me of this:
  10. As per usual having a house guest return is a waste of time.
  11. TempletonPeck

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    Ideal scenario for me this week would be Nicole winning HoH and backdooring Christine and her going home.
  12. TempletonPeck

    Frankie Grande (Week 9) + Team America

    I have to admit I'm laughing a bit at his Twitter account getting hacked. https://twitter.com/BBTVFB/status/502591653459546112
  13. The fact he's in an alliance that technically doesn't exist anymore, he's doing really well in the game.
  14. I don't know what he's thinking going to Christine. I guess desperate times and all with nothing really to lose. She back-stabbed Nicole, so probably the last person to go to though. I honestly think he's been trying to get into an alliance of some kinda since practically day 1 and no one takes him seriously. There was of course the terrible and short lived Crazy 8's. Then there was the Double D's with Devin. Then he tried with Team America. Then he tried with Nicole & Hayden and they opted to go with Cody & Derrick. So to say he hasn't been playing since Day 1 doesn't ring true to me.
  15. I agree. I think that's why he's going along with what everyone wants and is backdooring Zach, he doesn't want anymore backlash at the moment.
  16. I don't buy the conspiracy theories. In this day and age getting away with outright rigging stuff like this would come back to bite CBS at some point. I don't think they'd want any part of it. With high definition TV, the feeds and the fact people can't keep quiet about anything, regardless of contracts signed. On the other hand I could see production asking leading questions in DR sessions and selecting certain competitions at certain times that might produce the results they want.
  17. He is entertaining to a point, then he just gets annoying. When someone is on too much of the time it turns from entertaining to attention whoring pretty fast. I thought Hayden was more entertaining than Frankie. I think Zach is as well.
  18. So Zingbot zinged her about her being all over Cody and now she's upset. I don't get what other way it was supposed to be perceived and why she keeps going on about perception.
  19. Except for the fact it doesn't really offer any protection. The missions sure don't and Derrick and Frankie are going to do whatever they want for their own games. Derrick nominated Donny this week, TA didn't protect him from going up on the block.
  20. Has any returning house guest ever really had any sort of impact on the game? Have they ever made it very far after getting back in?
  21. TempletonPeck

    RE-VOTE... Americas Team

    I'd go with: Jocosta Caleb Victoria It's be hilarious because they'd never accomplish any missions and all would probably end up getting evicted over it.
  22. He hasn't been going to bed at 10pm every night. Every single time I've watched the live feeds, he goes to bed at midnight. This has been going on for a long time now. It's not that bad really, it's not like he's going to bed at 9pm or something. He should be more flexible, but it's not the end of the world. He doesn't sleep for what seems like endless hours like some other people have at least by doing this. He's made comments and he's joked about it too when people disturb his sleep. It's not like he gets really mad about it and into fights over it. Really a non starter. When it comes to alliances he was trying to wait for an opportunity and to know people (aside from the Double D's) and everyone already sort of got together. He has said he wanted to work with Nicole & Hayden and talks to them all the time. So I don't think it's about just people coming to him. He's just hasn't been running around trying to form alliances with everyone. I think by saying people should come to him, he covers himself by not announcing he's trying to form alliances with everyone. Not surprising he doesn't want to put up Frankie, what with Team America still in existence. It might get back to him the way everyone has loose lips this season as well. I notice Donny doesn't say as much to many people since that got him on the block once already. So far this season everyone is playing it safe, aside from Devin and look what that got him.
  23. She really needs to get the POV used and put up Frankie, or someone other than Donny. If she doesn't it's a wasted week for her as HoH as Jocosta will most likely go home and she's not coming after her, let alone even a threat to anyone to begin with.
  24. Tired of being a pawn. Should have picked better allies.