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  1. dvmom

    Zane Knight--voted off 9/19

    Yeah, I think I saw him in Deliverance too!
  2. dvmom

    Live Show - July 21

    Yea, this is getting too boring for me. Wake me when something good happens!
  3. Thanks to the Update crew. You guys/girls are my heroes!
  4. I joined the boards 4 years ago, but lurked around long before I joined. I hardly ever post, but love to jump on and read the opinions.
  5. dvmom

    Finale Date 9/16 Show

  6. dvmom

    Finale Date 9/16 Show

    Yay Dan!!!!
  7. dvmom

    Finale Date 9/16 Show

    Thanks, I was in panic mode here in Houston!
  8. dvmom

    Finale Date 9/16 Show

    Any other places to watch online? Videobrother is showing a HOUSE episode.
  9. dvmom

    Ap:who You Voting To Evict?

    I just want something to happen that is not as boring as everyone voting the way the 'HOUSE' wants the vote to go. I voted for Dan to evict Jessie. Flipping on what the HOH wants is way more exciting that all of the senseless screaming matches.
  10. dvmom

    Amazing Race - 13

    Yaaaayy!!!!! My Sunday evenings will soon lose that empty feeling!
  11. dvmom

    Who Is The Mole?

    I am sticking with my original choice of Clay.
  12. dvmom

    Who Is The Mole?

    Still CLAY!
  13. dvmom


    Clay is definitely the Mole.
  14. dvmom

    Who Is The Mole?

    Clay continues to be my one and only suspect.
  15. dvmom


    He has always been and continues to be my mole suspect.