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  1. Andy630


    Oh Michelle, you pulled Janelle this season. I was really rootin for you this year. I hope there is still a slim chance she can stay. Please let Pandoras Box kick Natalies ass somehow and let michelle stay!
  2. Andy630


    Sending good vibes to Michelle to win the POV!
  3. Andy630

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    Someone mentioned a while back how they would have Russell possibly come back? I kinda doubt that but noticed when BB shows their faces and names Russells name still came up... I think its too late for someone to come back but what are your guys thoughts?? Did anyone else notice that?
  4. Andy630

    Michele - PoV

    I think Michelle should throw this hoh, pov she needs to fight for sure though. And next she can win hoh and the week after since its final 3.
  5. Andy630

    Chima - Part 2

    Ok so I finally have to put my two cents in on the Chima scandal. First off, I do feel sorry for her, she went through a lot and I'm sure many people in BB have as well. Every action has a reaction...especially in the Big Brother house. Although Chima believed her power as HoH was useless, she shouldnt have been too suprised and thrown a fit when she did not get her way. When you sign the big brother contract I believe you are a employee of CBS. I did not agree with her racist remarks at all, especially during week one. I do not think it is the producers fault at all for what occured. She should be responsible for her own actions, she is not 5 years old anymore. As for her rape story, that is sad. She should have gotten help after that, i have not been raped myself, but I do understand how traumatic that could be to anyone. I think it was very disrespectful for what she said to Russel and as well as all Arab Americans, not even to mention comparing herself to the twin towers. I can see why she called him a terrorist, because the definition of the word is someone who terrorizes, however she had to take it a step further when mentioning his race. I cannot truly empathize someone that cannot take responsibility for their own actions. She wants to claim what a smart and strong woman she is, she demonstrated every opposite quality. If you are gonna sign up for a show that says, "Expect the unexpected" truly anything can happen...she is in no position to sue Big Brother/producers/or anyone else. If anything she should be sued... And if she wants to say she quit..okay..in reality I believe she was fired! Producers can only take so much shit and a couple days before they kept giving in to her needs to make her stay, she tried to take away the power that BB had over her, she is fool for trying. It's all my own opinion, Im not pretending to know everything, its just how I feel I think the whole ordeal will be a big wakeup call for the casting directors on how picky they need to be and how there is a fine line between entertainment and disgusting behavior.
  6. Andy630


    I really dont know how to feel about Michele's HoH and how there will be a new one today. If I were Michele I would be pissed, just because chima decided she couldnt take it anymore doesnt mean her HoH should be cut short, heck there wasnt even a PoV where she could have backdoored someone (although I know Chima was her target and for good reason) And in the new HoH why wouldnt she be able to play again too like Chima was? But on the other hand, I can see why it wouldnt make sense for Michele to be able to elimenate for example Natalie and Chima... Michelle your still in my top three, just keep winning when you need to and keep it up.
  7. Andy630


    I was so ecstatic when i read that she was gone, just hoping she doesnt for some odd reason get back in. But if jeff thinks someone might come back in the game like for ex. braden, laura, etc I doubt it because this week was supposed to be a double eviction week and it will probably just be a regular one since the shithead couldnt be "strong" and swallow her pride.
  8. Andy630


    You go girl! Way to pull off a comp when you needed it, just like the PoV. And aligning with jeff?! Smart move for a smart girl! I knew I would like you from the beginning!
  9. Andy630


    True that! Jesse did not deserve a second chance! And seriously I would pay money to watch a live chima blowout along with the brat! I hope jeff wont let it get to him and he can pull a win for HoH too, that would probably make my night/afternoon now that i know its taped =/
  10. Andy630


    I wish Jeff would tell the producers that if the show is not taped he will not use the Coup! Maybe that would change their minds
  11. Andy630


    Thank you bitch for ruining the live show for america! I knew you should have been sent packing the first week!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats so messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big brother WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Insert angry face here; the angry face chima will have tomorrow but worse!)
  13. I was just wondering...where did someone get the info that the show is gonna be taped? Are we 100 percent sure that it will be taped or not, I think since CBS is all about the money like every other business out there. If they are smart they will have it live. Thats just my opinion, I hope Im right though!
  14. Andy630


    I hope she votes to evict Kail. All this suspense for thursday is killing me.
  15. Andy630

    Kail Week 5 - Evicted

    I hope she goes home this week.