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  1. Lol 6Borders, I think you called it with your last sentence ( 24/7 cams & mics.)
  2. As often as she's fallen on her butt during comps you'd think she would have smartened up just a teeny tiny bit to the fact that she sucks at everything pertaining to BB. I'm sick of her voice, hair, pounds of make up, whining, crying and that she is still in the freakin' BB house.
  3. Victoria is exhausting... Derrick needs a vacation from hauling her butt for the past 3 months. This will be over next week and propping her up will go back to being her Mommy & Daddy's problem, Derrick should count himself lucky if for no other reason then that.
  4. Victoria was more than willing to be used... The dolt had not one clue how to play BB and that is the truth.
  5. Snap! Indifference is much worse than hate or dislike, works for me.
  6. Frankie's family has been telling him that he is fabulous his entire life no matter what half a$$ed crap he pulled, and that will continue no matter what he does. I think he's disgusting, but that just my opinion.
  7. It might be the smartest move but I really hope final two are Derrick/Cody, if either of them take the "Twit" to final 2 I'll be disappointed.
  8. It's BB, I expect most people to lie about something, it's a game not real life.
  9. The only reason Victoria/Veronica thinks she's carried Derrick and Cody to final three is because that is what she was told in DR, that twit has never had an original thought in her life.
  10. Caleb did give me a good chuckle waving his arms in front of Chenbot.... Caleb is probably planning his next date with Amber right now and I hope Amber has a restraining order waiting for the biggest idiot in the BB house this year.
  11. Frankie and his toddler shorts are out of the house and I don't care who Grodner gives AFP to anymore so I'm happy that BB house is Fakie free.