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  1. Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    I totally agreed with you. Her one flaw was how inarticulate she was. What a marble mouth at the end. I thought her game was the most consistent and she certainly lived by what was advised in the art of war - expend as little energy as possible to get the max results. Folks just decided to hate her from the get go and her and the rest going up against Ken n Barbie was bound to end up badly. That move took Russell out of my doghouse.
  2. One day at a Time, Season 1 is available on Netflix.
  3. Who Will Win Big Brother 11?

    Jessie - Natalie Lydia - Kevin Jeff - Natalie Jordan - Natalie Michele - Natalie (because she's identified Natalie as a threat for the longest) Russell - Natalie (maybe Natalie cause he's homophobic) Natalie if things are about game, Kevin if things get personal!
  4. Kevin

    I don't see kevn as timid at all. He's trying to make the best decisions given that prior to winning this Veto, he was sure he was gonna get evicted. Now that he's safe, he's watching, listening and thinking. He knows he doesn't have the game won. He's stuck no matter who he goes to the final with. I'm just hoping he can use Gnat's lies against her.
  5. Kevin

    I totally agree that Jeff didn't know how to lay low but more importantly, Jeff was a johnny come lately. He was always slow on the uptake. That's why we saw him blustering about so much because he was always caught unawares by someone else's moves. Then it was about betraying him/your word. Who is this guy anyway? Who are YOU for me to keep my word to you in a game for 1/2 mil? think about that in mom's basement. Also, what's with the "good people"winning jag? I don't even want to go into what that says given how the racial/social breakout of the good vs. bad people plays out. Jessie was absolutely right about the coup d'etat (Jeff's only move in the game was producer/viewer aided). It was given to Jeff because he was in the role of underdog, being outplayed by the other alliance. Like with most everyone, power went to his head and he let peak through the jeff we saw in the beginning. A homophobe and a talker behind people's backs. That isn't any better than anyone else in the game. I'm glad dude got got, Dude!
  6. Kevin

    I think Gnat played all the people in that house beautifully. First, that "i'm 18" jag got her the goodwill afforded only to the young. She used that to find an alpha (like all the girls did except for Michelle),contributed to the environment of lies. She used her lies to keep others off balance, distract them - they were so easy. Her best was the one that sent Ken home. In games like this, it's not the number of moves but their effectiveness that matters. She put out the minimum energy and got the maximum results. Finally, she is all about game. She came on the show saying she would lie, cheat n steal to win and she did all of that. Since this isn't a game to test folks morality (and I don't even get the morality kick this country is on. The Pilgrims would have picked up stakes and gone to BoraBora had they seen this mess of intolerance we've come up with), it's a game of wits/physical/mental ability & endurance. Those who are left demonstrated that but Gnat did more than even the very likeable Kevin to get herself there. If all things were equal and popularity left aside, this little trooper deserves to win this money. I think Kevin will win in the end for the same basic reason Dan did, he's emotionally mature in a sea of folks seem stuck at 9 years old. People like this are a shoe in to win. Gnat, for all her game play, isn't even fully formed in her female identity yet (not that she's a trans but that she was raised in an all male environment).