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  1. Is it just me or did Julie Chen look like Gumby in that awful green outfit last night?
  2. rustybob

    Elissa - Week 1 (Replacement Nominee)

    I cannot like Elissa because she too closely resembles The Joker. She appears to have had some bad face work. Yuck!
  3. Could this cast BE any worse? I believe the casting directors went to Skanks R Us to find most of the women. And the guys? Good grief. You have Opie Taylor, Yukon Cornelius, and an air-headed lifeguard who strikes a stunning resemblance to Hermie the elf off of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yikes!
  4. So it's probably a stupid thread, but I don't care. I'll start it anyway. I swear that Kalia must be related to Tyler Perry somehow. I mean, if you put a big pair of glasses and a gray wig on her, she IS Madea! I can't look at her without expecting her to say "hallelu-jer". And Rachel is a spot on replica of Wynona Judd.....on crack!
  5. Dear Houseguests, Please stop being the most boring cast ever and do something at least semi-memorable or I will be forced to collapse on top of you. Sincerely, The BB House
  6. rustybob


    I'm going with Britney. She supposedly hurt her knee in the HOH competition but was jumping up and down fairly easily on that hurt knee when Julie told her she didn't have to finish the competition. Fishy. Sure her sabotage didn't hurt her team, but she didn't know that at the time. Also, BB said they would give the saboteur a hand since America wasn't involved yet. One of the crew could have easily padlocked the door and slipped out through another exit. Since it was the first episode, BB didn't want to give too much away too quick by having the saboteur physically put the lock on. Just my opinion.
  7. It would all be a moot point if Eric didn't suck so bad at competitions. If he had won HOH rather than stinking up the joint then he would be in control and this wouldn't be a topic for discussion. But apparently, the only game he is good at is finding the rat, which is easy because all he has to do is look in the mirror.
  8. rustybob

    The Bb Voice

    "Eric, that is Dustin's sock. And you now have gonorrhea."
  9. Dear Dustin, Please make sure I'm open before insulting Dick behind his back. Sincerely, The Sliding Glass Door
  10. rustybob

    Plane Banner Suggestions

  11. rustybob

    Dustin Week 6 - Evicted

    Just remember, Dustin is a "power player" because he "makes bold moves". I guess swallowing a frankfurter for a twenty is bold!
  12. rustybob

    Plane Banner Suggestions

    "Dustin - White trash deadbeat queen!"
  13. rustybob

    Dustin Week 6 - Evicted

    If Dustin does get shafted and voted out, number one, he will like it because he enjoys the shaft, and two, I hope Joe is in the studio to greet him with Julie Chen.
  14. rustybob

    Plane Banner Suggestions

    "Dustin - Yell at Dick BEFORE he goes inside!!!"
  15. rustybob

    Eric - America's Player

    I swear this is Eric's twin brother.