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  1. I don't know if you and Lamasquerade are fans or not, but, going by y'all post, the 2 of you were huge fans. But it doesn't matter, I was responding to the claim that Cody got a good edit. IMO, Paul got the best edits of them all. As to being an ass, I don't think the vote was about being the biggest ass, I think more people just admired Cody more. You can be an ass and still be admired, but, Paul was an ass that didn't care about how he shit on people. A few weeks ago, didn't I have a discussion with you about sending people to the jury, mad? That was Paul's fault that they were mad and he did not do anything to sooth their hurt feelings. So, it's his fault he lost.
  2. I think Paul had a very good edit by CBS. Personally, I think paul fans should be the last ones to complain about CBS edits. Plus, to imply that production didn't manipulate things in the beginning to help paul is crazy. The 25,000 prize to get paul in the game, the friendship bracelets and 3 week safety was all manipulations to help stay in the game and give him time work with the people. I dont know about some of the rest, but, those things were obvious.
  3. If it is assumed that Cody fans had multiple accounts and voted multiple time, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that Paul fans did the same? Maybe the bigger question to ask is, why did a guy who played one-third of the season have more fans than a guy who played two full seasons back-to-back?
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree, he was just damn lucky. In my opinion, he really didn't deserve the win.
  5. Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    I really misjudged the bitterness of this jury. I really did not see Alex not voting for Paul.
  6. Paul's going to need some psychiatric care over the next year. He was absolutely devastated.
  7. Don't y'all get it? Raven is/was the puppet-master. She was just jerking y'alls chain with her gastroparesis claim.
  8. If Josh wins part 3 and takes Paul, he may have a chance to win. He will need to be able to articulate why his moves in the game were his own and not Paul's, which may be hard for him to do. I do agree that his best bet would be to take xmas and send Paul out the door. If he does not win and Paul takes him, I don't think Josh has much of a chance. Personally, I still think xmas is a lock for second place. The main reason Paul lost last year is because he thought he couldn't lose and he thought he would be rewarded for taking the best player to the f2 with him. That did not work out and I do not think he will make that mistake again. I think he will take xmas, the lesser of the two players.
  9. yet, you look upon the puppet-master with utter disdain. If Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is good enough for fairy tales, dammit, why not the puppet-master?
  10. Big Brother General Discussion

    I thought they said "Celebrity" BB was going to be on the network. I will try to watch it and if it is on the network I will definitely be here posting my thoughts on morty's. As the season comes to an end, it seems that some people's feelings are a little hurt. Hopefully, you will get over it very quickly. Although some comments were clearly personal and directed at certain individuals, I hope everyone will be back for celebrity BB or for next season. And most of all, hopefully, we will never have to suffer through another season filled with sheep.
  11. And who would have been the brains in that duo? Alex proved that she wasn't a very good player and I don't think I saw an original thought out of xmas the whole season.
  12. As I have said before, I don't think this true, it just doesn't make sense. This would be a huge scandal for CBS, so much so, TMZ and others would pay for the information. If xmas had worked for Paul's mother, there would be others that knew. It would not have been secret because there would not have been any reason to keep it secret, like sometime in the future, xmas and Paul appearing on BB together with a plan of xmas helping Paul win. IMO, after breaking her foot, xmas decided she needed to stick with the people that could carry her to the end. She didn't try any moves on her own because if Paul got evicted and Josh got evicted, she would have been on her own and unable to compete in most events and no chance of making it to the end against the couples.
  13. Big Brother General Discussion

    Although I would get a good laugh out of a Paul defeat, I really don't see him getting less than 6 votes. I don't see Alex voting for Josh or xmas, it would not make sense that she would be upset with Paul for deceiving her, but not Josh and xmas. I think Cody will vote for Paul if he is in the f2 because he will have more respect for a person who played than someone who was just carried along.