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  1. Dan and Memphis playing cards at an unusually small table, laughing. Memphis: "Ashley if your watching..I'll see you tomorrow" Dan: "I'll see you too, and Monica" Memphis: "Dannnn the man...." They both are crackin on Jerry. "Dan he's running around w/ a bunch of 25 year olds." They are both havin a good laugh and seem to be anticipating the end of the show....like us all.
  2. BBT 12:00AM Midnight FOTH/Trivia
  3. 8:45 BBT Dan prancing around the kitchen. Dan: "Big Brother can we get some alcohol for after the jury...foth....back, we're gonna need it." We can gather that they are both waiting for the jury's questions. Dan now goes to lie down in the spa room. I guess Memphis is in the 'loo' the 'john' the 'toilet' doing his thing...
  4. 1:05 BBT OK, on Cam 4 Ted the Spider is hangin.. But for the rest it looks as though all are going to sleep. Keesha and Dan in the HOH with his pillow bed in the middle. Jerry back in bed stirring a little. Memphis presumably in bed too.
  5. 10:02 BBT GoodLord we're back in the HOH with Dan and Keesha. Keesha is back crying. Dan says, April and Ollie are there (in the juryhouse). Keesha says, Jerry is going to win. Dan defending himself, Dan: You are always good for me in the game. Keesha: Can't believe I have to stay in here one more night. He (Memphis) is totaling avoiding every room I'm in. He thinks I'm out of my mind right now Im sure. What a mind game this place has been, OMG. I cant stand to see Jerry though..he talks shit about everyone. Dan: He hasn't done anything. Keesha: Whatever he did he was smart, he made it this far. What has Memphis had to do, shit. He never even won HOH. He was never the bad guy he was good to go. He was always saved, no one had bad feelings toward him. Memphis was laying down, now he's up wondering around a bit. Keesha saying how lucky April was, that she won a lot of stuff in here. "This sucks". "I'm so glad I figured this out. I would have been so upset. It's so nerve racking." Dan: I didn't get upset because I didn't think it was over yet (Memphis deciding on who to vote out). Memphis looking at the fish while he's snacking on something. He pulls out a kitchen chair and looks like he is in deep thought right now. (did Keesha think she was never getting voted out?) Keesha: He never had to be the bad guy the whole time he was in here. I can't breath. Dan: He's upset too. Keesha: What the fk does he have to be upset about. He has the power and he's gonna take Jerry! Jerry is full of shit if he thinks he is getting my vote. Full of shit! You have a good chance of winning if you can make it to the final two Dan! This is definitely going to work in your favor. Dan: If I win who do I take (to the final two)? Keesha: I don't want to see either one of them win. He wasn't even gonna tell me! (Dan is eating it up) while Keesha is telling him your the one sitting pretty with me now dude. 10:18 BBT Memphis and Jerry in the Kitchen. And Dan and Keesha still in the HOH. Keesha still raging over her being voted out and feeling betrayed. Keesha: At least I get to say a speech before I leave. Dan: Don't do anything you'll regret keesha. Keesha watching Memphis and Jerry on the HoH screen. Dan: You see um talking down there don't you?
  6. 9:20PM BBT Here's the deal..BB has told Memphis not to tell Keesha that he is voting her out. No sign of Jerry. Memphis just came out of the DR Dan caught him and told him that he didn't tell her anything. Memphis goes into the sauna room where Keesha is and we get FOTH.
  7. 9:00PM BBT Memphis just left HOH when Keesha was questioning him. Keesha crying and upset up in HOH with Dan. She is saying she knows Memphis is voting her out. She is literally freaking out now. Keesha: "I can fkn read people, thats why he got up and left." Memphis keeps leaving whenever she brings up the idea of him voting her out. Keesha: He's not gonna tell me. This isnt making sense. I've been around you guys long enough to know you, at least the way you behave in the game. Every time I mention this he jets. Memphis cant hide it. You dont keep them around cause you like someone in this game." Dan going along with whatever she is saying. Dan: Do you think he can beat me in the end of the game. (Only worrying about himself here!) Keesha: The whole jury house doesn't like any of us. If they look at it game wise....I dont know I'm not them I dont know what their thinking. Now I know whats fkn going on. (asking Dan now) You know dont you? (She's on a role) It's not fair that everyone knew when they were leaving but her. (She is visibly upset, tears in her eyes) Keesha: I can tell by the look on his face. Dan: How can we get you out of this? Can you make a deal with him?(Pretending not to know anything) Now Keesha is bashing Jerry. He knows he's not leaving he's too quiet. (She keeps referring to Memphis voting her out (tomorrow dont know what thats about? BB might have moved eviction up?) Keesha stating that she is making sure whoever votes her out doesn't get her vote. She leaves HOH. Dan to himself: "The shits about to hit the fan!"
  8. 12:10AM BBT Memphis, Keesha and Dan in HOH. Dan taking a shower. Keesha seems to be drunk. Memphis was laughing with Dan before Keesha came up to the HOH saying, "She's wasted". Keesha's eating Dan's snacks and laughing (that goofy laugh of hers). Keesha: "Memphis you wouldn't vote me out would you?" Memphis: "No Keesha" and some more laughing. Now Keesha left to go back down to the DR. YOU COULD HEAR HER SAY, "I know I've had a little bit of wine to drink but.." Then we get FOTH for a minute. Back on, and Keesha heading back to the HOH. 12:20AM BBT Jerry now on Cams 3 & 4 sleeping sound. Keesha and Memphis in HOH talking about Jerry and the game. Keesha: I've made some friends. It's been so surreal, so weird, whatever. I've liked you. Your a very smart player. You dont change your mind, your smart, you go after what you want and no one can change your mind. I've always viewed you like that. (talk about kissing some a). Now talking about how long-Dan's showers are. Just general game chit-chat. Now Memphis is wondering about how the public views them. Keesha: It's crazy. Memphis sighs.
  9. 2:30AM BBT Memphis and Dan in the HOH-giving each other high fives. Memphis: The first one I put the name over the clue (laughing) Now theyre talking about who they should vote out. Memphis: We have to think about which one lets just sleep on it Talk goes to DR and we get FOTH Back..Keesha in the bathroom Memphis and Dan talking about Jerry- Dan: He (Jerry) is going to be bashing keesha Memphis: we have to make an educated choice Dan: We couldnt have wrote a better script-one more and we're there, we have to use this week as information, whos breakin down, Memphis: The next one's gonna be physical Keesha enters the HOH. Keesha: your not going to vote me out are ya? Memphis: Me and Jerry were sitting on the couch and Jerry said Dan's not going to the beach its something deep in the game. Keesha: Jerry was camping out in the spa room Dan: time to go home (refering to Jerry)
  10. 2:11 BBT Keesha and Dan in the BR talking. Keesha looks upset, hugging each other. Dan said 'its gonna suck because your up'. Dan and Keesha talking 'smack' about Jerry. Jerry in the spa room (pondering his BB fate). Memphis in the bathroom Keesha worried about what Jerry will say about her. Talking about the POV-- Keesha: the first step I fk up. I couldnt figure it out. I was so confused. I meant to put April but I was wrong and it was on the ground. Dan: I knew it was a repeat, but I just didnt know who it was. They seem to think this POV was meant for Keesha to win. Dan: Jerry is waiting to talk to Memphis. Keesha:It will be worse now. Dan: Jerry walks in sees me and doesnt say anything. Keesha agrees and says he did the same to her. Dan: IF I HAD TO PICK A CHOVENIST (and the backsteps) oh I dont want to say it that way.... he grew up in a different era.. Dan tells her come up to the HOH whenever she feels like it because neither one are tired, then he leaves to go up to the HOH
  11. 12:10 AM BBT Dan up in HOH still, now looking at a picture he put on the bed of him and Monica? Jerry in LR Memphis in Kitchen. Jerry has his raincoat on and sitting in the LR, Memphis just assured Jerry that he would be wearing the raincoat Jerry has loaned him. Jerry saying, "as soon as you turn out the lights they (BB) will start the POV challenge. Jerry: Cant get over how tired you are from doing nothin" Memphis: Its mental strain Jerry:I washed all the dishes I got bored Memphis:I get on that kick too. Memphis making coffee in the kitchen. Still waiting...... Theyre discussing past pov at night.
  12. 11:55 BBT Dan in HOH watching the guys in the LR. Memphis and Jerry in LR Jerry: Did you get a nap? Memphis: Its hard to stay asleep when the doors open and close they are loud. Memphis playing with a (ball?) They both are anticipating a power of Veto challenge at midnight. Now both are bouncing the ball back and forth together. They are talking about their families. Keesha is not on cams.
  13. 9:20 BBT While the guys are in the kitchen- BY : Renny and Keesha trashing Jerry- Keesha: "He's such an ass" and "what the fuck has he ever done for anyone" , "fucking get a clue" . Now Dan walks out and Keesha talks to him about Jerry. How Jerry trying to put Renny against Keesha and such. (Talking fast)How Jerry is saying Dan is talking shit about Keesha and Renny. "He's lies" He's so obvious" Jerry pops out and tells them all to come in and play the game theyre playing in the kitchen. Renny: "Dan's a liar too" and they continue back and forth. 9:40 BBT Memphis on the couch reading. Jerry in the kitchen playing a game of cards with Dan. Keesha (sniffling a little) and Renny still in the BY doing her arts and crafts
  14. 3:30 BBT Memphis, Keesha, and Renny in beds. Dan reading the bible. Jerry in the DR? (Maybe he won POV)? Everything is being kept on the QT. (Guess BB doesn't want us to know yet).