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  1. dick and zack are neck and neck followed by dani then eric...dick sounds like he is having a blast lol dick burping as he runs
  2. Feeds are back (and so am I) cameras are on Eric and Jess cleaning...Jenn cooking..
  3. (nothing much to report) Jess is the only one up getting ready for the day (shower,lotion, typical ADL's).. 9:30am BBT all HG's are back in bed
  4. (good morning all ) Jess is up doing ADL's and getting something out of fridge..something to drink and now getting ready to work out. Everyone else still in bed.. finished with her 15 minute walk on tread mill..now doing work bench (as shes yawning) 2 feeds on her and 2 feeds on Eric sound asleep... work out is over shower time...
  5. zack playing croquet alone, dick in his usual spot jenn in hammock...amber is cleaning up ants no one really talking
  6. zach trying to talk jen into staying in sequestor...she basically said she didnt care..he walked out back saying GAH!! now dick and zach talking about her and how she should stay in with the jury
  7. zach in kitchen (ants all over kitchen again)..Dani whispering to Eric at table not making out much other then its about amber and amber did not want to come back she "hates everyone in the house" Eric: little does she know" (trying here all but kids interupting and I am multi tasking )Jen questioning zack now about her clothes zack saying he doesnt know and she apparently found one big bag and the slop bucket)More amber bashing between dani and eric at table..Eric why dont you just rip up the cushions just in case there in there Jen what do you want me to do I have looked everywhere, Eric well your ripping up the house..Jen is rampaging the house big time she doesnt want to go out of the house with out make up..Eric telling her its not necessary to break the house Zack yelling at the ants...Jen now saying he (ED) probably left it up in HOH pretending it was his stuff and she wont get it til noon tomorrow ED out of DR...said he has to give her back her stuff..he said it would magically appear when she goes in for her cbs mogel
  8. Jen just asked dick if the rest of her stuff was up in danis room.. He tells her no..and she will never find it..he will give it back to her 5 minutes before the show..your just lucky I didnt throw bleach on them and break them.. she is now "ripping up the set" (as per eric) she says what I have to look everywhere.. (they are all out back) she is now in the Round room packing her "suitcase" (not the bb bag)
  9. hmmm jenn looking for her stuff in the kitchen and her bikini top just popped off in front of all at the table she is laughing ohhh how what the hell how did that happen..shes laughing Jam trying to get her to take her top with her..as shes starting to walk off HG's dont look very impressed.. Dick walks in and Eric says you missed it Jens top just mysteriously popped off...ED says glad I missed it.. she is now back dressed looking for rest of her stuff.
  10. Jess: hey all its jessica from bb8 check out my new hit single I love slop in my tummy they thought I was the new holly eric never gets to play in POV BOOOYAHHH Jam adding chorus,.....Zach is up eating (icecream?) lots of joking around and laughs *killin time*
  11. ED, Jess,Eric and Jam sitting around breakfast bar...ED commenting on girls may be in DR waiting for shotoo Jam says nevermind I just saw DR is available (moving to laptop to watch shotoo will post if anything good )
  12. (oops posted on other thread as Jem was closing sorry) ED says green flashing light..they recieved beer and wine..Jam commenting they never get wine not even on her bday E: Ladies lets do something... Jess: Lets DRINK (lol) (they are bored and waiting for dani and amber to get back) Eric is telling Jam she has to play also even if its water.. Eric being quite the gentleman..getting wine for Jess and glass for Jam (lol)
  13. News alert from ED lol green flashing light....the beer and wine has arrived..
  14. Jem

    Thanks for the updates


  15. Zack in gym, running.....Jess and Eric in BY talking about jobs and what not... by sounds of it Jen is definately leaving thursday...(sorry trying to help out and make dinner at same time) ED is listening to music napping in HOH...Jam is in BY eating her slop...Zack getting dressed in BR..(not much going on...)