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    8/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    10pmBBT(BBAD) Jordan sad talking to Jeff about "She" winning HOH and that Kalia will be in HOH "blah blah blah"
  2. ericsturrock

    7/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    2:45amBBT Dani & Lawon talking about gameplay. Dani: "fellow houseguest to stalk you after you leave...Adam." Dani says Adam knows more about her season then she does. They talk about competions. Adam walks in and puts a coin into the Fortune Teller(You hear the coin fall into something empty.) Dani & Lawon lose it laughing. Adam: "Can I get my money back." FOTH 2:52amBBT Adam leaves. Dani telling Lawon how each week works with competions. Adam walks in and says he's going to bed and leaves. Dani whispers to Lawon "Shut up" then yells at Adam "goodnight." Dani & Lawon talk about two more weeks of golden keys then who knows. Lawon tells Dani after the golden keys everyone makes jury, so you are on the jury. Dani says their could be twists 3amBBT Dani telling Lawon that Porshe is very nice but she is nuts all over the place. Dani wishs she had her Ipod and wants to sing. Lawon agrees
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    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Dick had a chat on RTV Zone tonight this is what he said
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    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I wonder if it was a problem with him and Realplayer and he would not sign something
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    7/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    5amBBT Jeff comes back from the bathroom and gets in bed. He and Jordan are laughing about a girl snoring. Jeff jokes about the "Who dat" thing when they got scared afew days ago.
  6. ericsturrock

    7/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    3:19amBBT Outside on Patio. Rachael, Jordan, Jeff, Brendon, & Shelly talk about when Dick left. Jordan said Dick was sleeping outside and was called to DR. Jordan was worried and thought he had a heart attack because he was in there so long. Rachel says after Dani got out of DR, when they called her in, there was a note on the chair. She said producers told her to read the note when they tell her to in front of everyone. They talk about how they did not see anyone last night no Alison Grodger or anyone. Today they said they saw people who kept there heads down. 3:30amBBT Rachel & Porshe talking in the HOH. Rachel trying to get info out of Porshe as she talks about gameplay. Rachel takes off her pants and walks around in her thong and puts on another pair of pants. Brendon comes up to the HOH room and Porshe leaves. Rachel tells Brendon she looks sooo ugly right now. Rachel tells Brendon that Porshe told them that Jeff & Jordan told her they threw the competion today. Brendon says they are not that stupid to say that. Brendon says Porshe is trying to pit them agaisnt each other. Rachel says it may be time for Porshe to go. Rachel says she is going to talk to Jordan. Brendon says he trusts Jeff & Jordan. Rachel agrees and will question Jordan tommrow. Brendon does not trust Porshe at all, "I don't trust her as far as a I can throw her. She thinks she is a smart player and playing both sides of the house." Brendon says they need to keep her in the game to make other angry. Brendon tells Rachel not to attack Jordan or grill her when asking her. FOTH 3:50amBBT Brendon & Rach talk about how Porshe is lying all the time, they turn off lights in HOH room and talk about Porshe and her lies. Brendon says Porshe is a loose cannon and nobody likes her. She may be stupid and annoying, and does not know how to play the game. Brendon tells Rachel to talk to Jordan tommrow. Brendon thinks Jordan may have said that to act stupid In Have Not room. Dani, Lawon, & Kalia laugh about Adam wanting to take one of Dick's shirts and his cigarets. Dani jokes he would aution them. They laugh about Adam with the note yesturday and how his DRs must be
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    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Evel Dick on twitter wonder what the reason is. He would of brought tons of fun to the show again. Hope their is another All-Stars next year so we can Dick one more time
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    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    I asked Evel Dick's good friend TV host Riki Rachtman on twitter if Evel Dick will be wearing Cathouse shirts(a bar Riki ran) again in Big Brother 13 like Dick did in BB8. Riki wrote back to me
  9. ericsturrock

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    That person closed her account, if it was suspened it would say "Twitter has suspened the account for ...." Betting its false info.
  10. ericsturrock

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    I have a feeling Dani Donato is in the house. If you can follow Dani's twitter. It appears someone is using her twitter for her. The past few tweets don't sound like her. And most of all if you look at how she enters her tweets. Before June 25th she entered her tweets via a Android phone with the offical twitter android app since July 1st she entered her tweets with Tweetcaster for Android. hmmm and BB11's Natalie used her twitter for the first time in 10 months to say her and Jessie are not going in. If it was really her on her twitter Dr. Will also sent out a letter saying he and Boogie will not be on. Will said he is retired for reality TV and Boogie has a Food Network show starting.
  11. Dick on twitter said and his new website which he has been promoting alot, where he talked saying he and former houseguests will talk BB now only shows that the hosts will be BB12 Matt, BB11 Lydia, BB11 Ronnie, & BB12 Annie. no ED. Also on his Facebook page a day before the new houseguests and twist was annouced someone commented hmmm why would ED not be able to call someone...Dani told someone on twitter and then posted a pic saying "Had a great day at the beach today" http://lockerz.com/s/115776632 but she is not in the picture looks fishyDan winner of BB10 posted this pic of him and Memphis and said they are in Michigan. http://twitpic.com/5jnsin ANd he retweeted someone's tweet saying "that bettter be lake sequester" Rachael & Brendon are talking about getting ready for Brendon's Bday on 7/2, w/ no BB talk BB12's Jeff is talking about the gym, w/ no BB talk Jessie has gone silent on twitter/facebook but his girlfriend Kendall Schmidt retweeted this by IMPACT Wrestling
  12. ericsturrock

    Live Feed Updaters!

    I think I will do LFU again this year, hopefully I will have more time then last year
  13. I hope he does not come out in his wrestling outfit(300 lbs man in a g-string)
  14. ericsturrock

    9/15 - Live Feed Updates

    5:06pmBBT Live Feeds just shut off and a screen says, the Live Feeds are finshed but to click below to see interviews
  15. ericsturrock

    8/12 - Live Feed Updates

    4:25amBBT Loud stomping can he heard as all houseguests are asleep(the high heeled lady the houseguests complain about?)
  16. ericsturrock

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    If Rachel says "Expect the unexpected" one more time im gonna go crazyyyyy, she's ruining a awesome saying by saying 5000000000 times over and over lol
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    7/19 - Live Feed Updates

    3:52amBBT All Sleep
  18. ericsturrock

    7/19 - Live Feed Updates

    3:32amBBT Kristen & Hayden making out with lots of kissing under the covers. They are whisperinh again then kissing, Hayden says "This is retarded."
  19. ericsturrock

    7/19 - Live Feed Updates

    3:25amBBT All Houseguests are asleep 3:29amBBT Kristen just came out from under the covers with Hayden they are whispering very low
  20. ericsturrock

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/8

    At the very start of BBAD, you see Andrew put his head under Annie's blanket and you see her look shocked and trying to shove him away. She told another girl she was wearing underwear but really upset her. She cried later on and said if this was the real world she would of done someting to make him pay. Why would Andrew do that, coun'dnt he get in trouble with BB.
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    some Amanda news. Shes in a contest to win to be a model for a radio station and win $5,000. To vote you have to register and stuff. If you want to vote shes at the bottom of the page http://www.93x.com/goout.asp?u=http://www....stogo.com/xgirl
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    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    Evel Dick said Ollie(BB10) was all over Dani at the Vegas Party. "If you remeber Ollie(did nothing but fuck April). He was all over Dani like a Dog in a Hot Party." Dick dosnet talk to Dani, so Joe must of told him
  23. ericsturrock

    Jeff and Jordan

    TMZ got a picture of Jeff & Jordan from a few nights ago. The reporter said they seemed happy together. Harvey Levin(Owner of TMZ) said yes but its only been 1 week outside the house and they havent gone home yet.
  24. ericsturrock

    Jeff and Jordan

    Jordan & Jeff to appear on Bold & The Beatiful in late Oct.
  25. ericsturrock

    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    the camera man(is the bald guy) is makin horrible camera shots, he zoomed in on th pink lady's face then her boobs, I think im blind now