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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    Fredtheturtle, that's why the want Da out so bad because they can't control her
  2. I'm not feeling this person.... The digs are not cool
  3. 5:11 bbt Christine won the POV 5:12 bbt Frankie in HOH bathroom with Caleb. Frankie is happy and he says that he loves when the plan works out. Derrick and Cody are in the shower and Vic and Chris are both drying their hair with a towel
  4. I wonder if Caleb knows that Amber is part African-American, lol
  5. Yeah I have to agree with you.....oh well another one bites the dust
  6. I like Amber and I think she is getting a raw deal. First she is trying to tell those dumb women that the men are picking them off. But if course they don't listen and again a man will win this year. I have the feeds and I don't think Amber has lead Caleb on.....but he won't see it that way.....Caleb is pathetic.
  7. Yet another jacked up season of BB....these girls are stupid.......I just have no words
  8. Totally agree....He was the best rat of the bunch....
  9. Thank you!!!! To see people on this board say...yay if GM that will show Candice.............what..really????? I dont care for any of the HG that are remaining, but in regards to game play I hope that Andy wins......he is the best rat of the bunch......
  10. Candace Stewart (Pre-season)

    She is ok, she hasnt annoyed me yet. I hope she stays this week
  11. Phillip Sheppard

    This guy is cray cray......I don't get him
  12. I like Brit, but she has to stop being so dang negative
  13. Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    He would probably win against Joe