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  1. wallybag

    Jordan - Week 4 - Replacement Nominee

    Jordan will be voted out this week, "I have Spoken"
  2. wallybag

    Rachel - Week 4 - Saved by PoV

    Why was Rachel nominted she did not deserve this. Get her hot Bod off the Block.
  3. wallybag

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    Remember thats my girl friend rachel your talking about. She is yummy
  4. wallybag

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    I love Rachel i want to see some pictures of her posted here. I would love to have her as my girlfriend whe is hot and tastey
  5. wallybag

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    People in this show will not evict her they want to be in the final 2 with her, they think it will be there ticket to win. I love Rachel she is smoking hot with a cute laugh.
  6. wallybag

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    This site is maniputive and fixed someone took down the Dick thread put it back up imediatly. I said Now.
  7. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    This is possible i am on you Dick you cant lie to us all.
  8. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Is this the people he is helping http://www.facebook.com/EvelDick#!/photo.php?fbid=10150699678875511&set=at.268112120510.317359.267991750510.534750528&type=1&theater
  9. wallybag

    Adam - Week 2

    Adam is the biggest Butt Licker on Big Brother.
  10. wallybag

    Dominic - Week 2

    One word discribes this guy. "HOMOSEXUAL"
  11. wallybag

    Rachel - Week 2

    I love Rachel she is hot and i lover her laugh, i did gack a bit when last show she had a bit of a mustache, Please wax your upper lip regulary and you will win bb13. Do`s anyone else love Rachel
  12. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I dont make things up. It is a fact Dick did not leave bb13 to help a friend. Dick said he left bb13 for that reason it has been proven untrue. He spends all day on Twitter, live chats, Facebook and chain smokes and spits has tattos galore and black nailpolish and never washes or shaves. This is a fact. Dick do`s not have any relationship with his daughter this is a fact, they dont talk to each other for years at a time. He says he is rooting for her and they support each other that is not true that has been proven.How can you support someone with the silent treatment. Dick said on live chat that he has cancer and is bi sexual and never cheats on his wife. that might be a lie too Dick lies about everything else. It is a fact that Dick is ill all you have to do is look at him, You cannot be healthy if you chain smoke and spit and never leave the house and have wrathy skin this is a fact. Healthy people in there late 40`s do not do this that is a fact. It is a fact he won bb. a few years ago. He also said Danni is the best player on bb13 that is a lie. You cannot base what is fact or fiction from what Dick says or blogs about that is a fact it has been proven. Use some common scence.
  13. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Dick stays in the house and hosts live chat and is on Twitter all day. He smokes and spits when he talks and said on one of these live chats he has cancer and he is bi-sexual. He also said we would not cheat on his girl-friend. How can you help your friends when you are spending all day on live chat and twitter? In one of these rooms he reads the comments and reponds to most questions and he think his daughter will win the show and he also has an assistant that helps him in the back ground he calls Pat. This Pat guys sometimes kicks people out of these chats at Dick`s dicression Anyone here have any info. on Pat? who is this guy.
  14. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I watched a live feed of him chatting he said that he is bi-sexual and that he has cancer. He also said Danielle is playing dom.
  15. wallybag

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    He is not helping a friend. This info. would have leaked out by now he knows a lot of people and nobody knows anything. I think he had an argument with cbs or drug withdrawl and simply walk out of the house for no reason.