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  1. EastCoast49

    favorite/least player favorite Poll

    Just a quick comment. Most of you will disagree with me and that's cool, but this group is really pretty boring. I have only to look forward to some fistacuffs between Cassi and Rachel or a Dominic meltdown. I think that most of the players are genuinely nice (good for them but bad for viewing) and that truly ruins the thrill of drama. Hope it spices up a bit. Perhaps that's why Dick left. Too dull.
  2. EastCoast49

    favorite/least player favorite Poll

    It's THAT LAUGH!!!! It's a tough call between Dom and Rachel as being the most annoying.
  3. EastCoast49

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    Who is Pizza Face?
  4. EastCoast49

    Dominic - Week 2

    Don't like the guy, period.
  5. EastCoast49

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I believe him. Maybe I'm naive but it sounds like the truth.
  6. No Noose is Good Noose...

  7. EastCoast49

    The Bachelor: Love Takes Flight - 1/4/10

    There was something about Ali that was rubbing me the wrong way. I got the feeling that she may have gotten a call from her company, come back or else, but something was forced about it. Thinking back at the anger she had for Vienna, she seemed a tad conniving. She wanted the commitment then and there in the hotel room and it was kinda pushy. If she really had fallen for him. the choice would have been easy and would have shown him she REALLY was genuine. It looked like a camera show. I tried to look beyond the fact that she kissed him like a fish -- there was no passion in it. It was almost a game to her, like who was more popular in high school. Gia or Tenley would fit him best. Vienna would be a handful and then some.
  8. EastCoast49

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    Stupid football has pushed BB to 10:00 on the East coast. Stupid Jets....Stupid Gatorade....Stupid ball...
  9. EastCoast49

    Monday, August 31st

    Jeff kept on telling Jordan to play the game. She isn't really playing, unless you consider hitching yourself to a winner playing. Natalie has been playing, she's been playing everyone like a violin. Maybe it's just me but from day one she looked like a girl who got her way by kicking kneecaps and playing head games. Jordan is naive. Best situation would be if deserving HGs got to the final 2. But it's pretty clear who the jury would vote for...Kevin.
  10. Michelle is by far the smartest player. Keeping her plans close to her vest, as they say. But I like Kevin. I really do. My least favorite is Natalie, like everyone else.
  11. EastCoast49

    Thursday, 8/27 Live Show

    A lot of you have said it but Kevin and Michelle are actually PLAYING comps to win. The 2 worst players are Natalie and Jordan. They haven't done a thing during the entire game. They hide behind their alliances. Natalie, however, is playing the game like a typical high school girl, feeding lies and stories to the idiots who believe her. I suppose that is sorta playing. I like Kevin and hope in the end he wins. He has worked for it.
  12. EastCoast49


    I totally agree. I was hoping he would win but now....I thought he was too easily manipulated by 2 people who haven't even SPOKEN to him for weeks, Natalie and Kevin. He bought the lie so easily -- bad game play. AND I thought he has not exactly been a loyal player to Russell. He did tell him he was one of the final 4 and then went back on his word. BUT he has started to show that Jordan's lack of game is starting to piss him off.
  13. EastCoast49

    Michele - PoV

    I agree with the posts here. I think Michelle deserves to be in the game as well as Kevin. She has worked hard in every competition and unlike Natalie, hasn't hidden behind someone else to stay.
  14. EastCoast49

    Jeff - Part 2

    Jeff, buying into the lie seeded by Natalie and Kevin, proves how naive he is. Doesn't he realize he's on BB? Jordan and Jeff aren't very good a lying. The awkward moments with Russell, not talking to him as they were, etc. J/J also don't consider the jury....they need to evict people they know will vote FOR them at this point.
  15. EastCoast49


    Here is one HG that truly doesn't even deserve to win. She hid behind Jessie, chummed up with Lydia, and really never made friends with ANYONE in the house. The "loyalty" to J/J is so painfully obviously a scam.