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  1. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    Oh yeah i remeber know!! sorry bout that. so did anybody catch a screen cap or video of dani with his shirt in HOH? that's so sweet!!
  2. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    I just read on another foumn that nick gave danielle one of his shirts before he left and she had it with her in the HOH room? does anybody know what shirt it is?! i really want to see a pic!! and when Dani went in to vote she was wearing one of his bandanas on her wrist.
  3. LNC - Late Night Crew

    it was LJC...not LNC. i think it was something between her and nick but i never heard it before then
  4. LNC - Late Night Crew

    In Dani's goodbye message to Nick she said LJC and BFF forever. what does the LJC mean?
  5. Thursday's Live Show 8/2

    It looked like nick was holding back tears when he was talking to dani giving his goodbye speech, and when they showed dani's goodbye message.
  6. Ap Task #11

    I have 3 computers and i used all of them to vote out kail!! and you can vote 10 times so i actually vote 30 times!! come on guys...let nick stay!!!
  7. Ap Task #11

    yea everybody go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother and click on americas player. vote to get kail out!! i voted to get her out all 10 times.
  8. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    Nick has been wanting to shave his head for a long time...big brother just wouldn't give him scissors and nobody brought a shaver or whatever he used...but dustin got some when he won hoh.
  9. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    where do you go to vote online?! i want to give all the votes to kail. but it won't be up unitl tuesday after the show so never mind...but do you have to pay?
  10. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    Maybe the Americas Player thing will tell eric to vote out Kail...and he can convice the rest of the house guests to vote her out.
  11. Nick Week 4 - Evicted

    Nick is my favorite right now!! it used to be Dani.
  12. Daniele Week 4

    ranjake she was saying that hes a jerk wants to knoe who he thinks he is that he should be more gratiful to her because without her he would be so screwed in this game and he doesnt realize cause he says he is the only genius playign game. Dani claims she doesnt want to spend this much time with Nick but hes following her and now amber saying it is ridiculous and Nick is scary how obsesssed he is with Dani says Nick was physco with Jameka ( man when these girls turn on someone its harsh)
  13. Daniele Week 4

    I feel really bad for Nick!! Dani is using him. she totally sold him out to amber and dustin
  14. Sequester

    i don't know how to spell that lol. but when do they start sending people to the suquester house? does it start with the person evicted next thrusday'?
  15. Daniele Week 3

    yea i think amber likes nick too or something. but can somebody answer the question lol.