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  1. elsaheat

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    I just died laughing.
  2. elsaheat

    Which Season Was Worse?

    just, wow. you hit the nail on the head, definitely
  3. elsaheat

    Which Season Was Worse?

    It's funny, Matt asked him what he was going to do with the money, and he told Matt that he intended to start up a business with part of it... Just made me think, he totally had it planned!!!
  4. elsaheat

    America's Choice: Favorite Houseguest

    I'm all for the [self-proclaimed] Diabolical Super-Genius winning... In fact, I am voting for Matty all night! seriously, he was just the only one I honestly cared for...oddly I guess I am a sucker for the creeps in footie pajamas
  5. elsaheat

    Which Season Was Worse?

    I really liked James' gameplay in season 9 though, idk...
  6. elsaheat

    Which Season Was Worse?

    and season 9 had good game play...They were all actively strategical in nature; whereas this season lacked real smart/bold moves [making this season boring to me]
  7. So, I rewatched all of season 9 these last few days, and I remember thinking it was the worst season ever. I also believe many of you shared these sentiments. But now, looking back, it wasn't that bad, and Adam[the winner] did play the game. Seems like most of them did... My question for you is, do you think this season is worse? Also, do you think in a few seasons we'll look back and say this season wasn't as bad as we made it out to be? I saw that Adam was saying he was going to do so many great things with the money if he won--interesting to think that he got busted with a drug selling scheme. I wonder if that was his investment plan all along..
  8. elsaheat

    Jury House

    Loyalty my butt! They got rid of Matt when they saw he was getting close with Ragan; even though he was willing to throw him under the bus for his main alliance, and he still felt loyal to the brigade even after he was evicted! Whereas Lane was down to ditch the brigade for Brittney if that proved more profitable... It's sick, the way they played this game so terrible and predictable.
  9. elsaheat

    POV - Week 9

    the thought of Enzo[] in F2 makes me genuinely sad...
  10. elsaheat

    The Sims meets Big Brother 12

    love it; you should make it available through the exchange!
  11. Big Brother on the brain

  12. elsaheat

    Thursday 9/2 TV show

    Personally, I laughed pretty hard at the way that Rachel was telling Matt to leave the room, and he just refused. A lie is a lie, and in the eyes of the lord, one isn't greater than the other--at least not in my religion. Kathy shouldn't have been in a game where the whole premise is lies and deception to advance yourself if she cares so much about integrity. Honestly, who cares? He didn't hurt anyone, and everything they say could be taken offensively at any given time. I love America and all, but people are starting to take offense way too easily. It's a game and I'm sure that the show doesn't properly represent any of their personalities or morals. Speaking of morals, Kathy told an interviewer that she threw all but one competition, that's a lie of her personal capabilities, and as someone who has a hard time balancing, I take offense to her misrepresenting her skill!... See how ridiculous that sounds? People are holding onto this lie because the season was just THAT boring. Face it, it's Big Brother, they breathe lies.
  13. elsaheat

    Thursday 9/2 TV show

    O_O I lived in La Quinta up until... Last month.. I wish I would've known... it'd be cool if they stayed at the La Quinta Resort, as I am there all the summer because my dad works there and all... Though, if I ever get on Big Brother and make it to the jury I'd be really upset to find out I was back in the desert.. aha Honestly, I totally agree... all the exciting houseguests are in the jury now!
  14. elsaheat

    Thursday 9/2 TV show

    I hope it's in Palm Desert! ....That'd be the highlight of the season for me, knowing that deserving HGs are in my town ;p