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    BB15 General Discussion - Part 3

    It makes for a boring season when no one wants to rock the boat/make a big move. Has there ever been a season where no one decides to flip the house etc? They all just do what the house wants to do. And now even Helen is telling Andy and McCrae she won't throw them under the bus, she is not that type of person etc. Helen also is saying things like I won't turn the jury against you etc. When she says things like that of course they are not going to change their minds. And no one going after a duo like Amanda and McCrae is crazy. They are all too afraid to make a big move. Just my opinion but I'm tired of watching them all take the road of least resistance.
  2. Is Britney really throwing Dan under the bus or is this just all in the master plan to get both nominees taken down?
  3. bb8phan

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    Ian shouldn't have said anything to Boogie on his way out!! Then Boogie wouldn't have said to Frank that Ian is not to be trusted etc and Ian wouldn't have been such a wreck! I definately feel he did NOT want to win that HOH. I'm wondering what he said to Danielle when it got down to just the two of them.
  4. bb8phan

    Dan, Week 7 (Nominee/Off the Block)

    Dan needs to just tell Frank that it was Ian who let them know they were going after Shane and Britney. He doesn't need to necessarily expose the Quack Pack just let him know it wasn't Dan who put the target on Frank and Boogie last week.