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  1. CeCiMom

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    She told Helen earlier today that she wanted to put up Amanda and Aaryn. Helen told her it had to Amanda and McCrae up and then Elissa said it would be Aaryn as the replacement nom if the Veto is used. Helen told her that was fine but, that she couldn't tell GM that until she has to... if at all. (About Aaryn, that is.)
  2. CeCiMom

    General irks/annoying things

    Yep, and in the wet clothes you can see how much weight GM and Amanda have gained too. It's like the college 15 in the BB house. Just ask Janelle.
  3. CeCiMom

    Jury 4 Way Competition Will Be Interesting

    Did they clarify that if one of the houseguests (not jurors) wins the HoH... do the jurors play until one of them gets 10 balls or is it juror has the most balls, at that point?
  4. CeCiMom

    Judd - Week 9 Returning Juror

    I'll fix the thread once the returning juror is determined.
  5. CeCiMom

    BB15 General Discussion - Part 3

    Personally: I'd like to see Candice come back, win HoH put Amanda/McCrae up, one of them come down and Aaryn go up... and Aaryn gets evicted at Candice's hands. Strategy: I'd like to see Helen (or even Jessie) come back, win HoH put Amanda/McCrae up and McCrae goes home. My daughter and son (who only watch the tv show and no feeds) want to see Judd come back because they think he is hilarious. (And, even more so when they can't understand a word he's mumbling! lol... ugh)
  6. CeCiMom

    GinaMarie - Week 8

    I will be shocked if GM does what she says she's going to do... and put Amanda/McCrae on the block. I think she'll succumb to the pressure and bow down to Amanda's wishes just like every HoH has since week 1.
  7. CeCiMom

    BB15 General Discussion - Part 3

    Judd is the worst result of a juror coming back IF what we all want to see is Amanda or McCrae be put on the block. He completely believes that it was Helen and Elissa that sent him out the door. He will crawl right back up Ama/McC butts, imo.
  8. Name: GinaMarie Zimmerman Age: 32
  9. Name: Elissa Slater Age: 27
  10. Name: McCrae Olson Age: 23
  11. Name: Judd Daughtery Age: 26
  12. CeCiMom

    Spencer - Week 9

    Name: Spencer Clawson Age: 31