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  1. mk820

    Pov - Week 8, Part 2

    OK, thanks Marty.
  2. mk820

    Pov - Week 8, Part 2

    If Memphis uses the POV to take Dan off the block can't Jerry put Memphis up in his place?
  3. Renny just told Keesha something is not right and this is going to backfire on his ass. Keesha said I know it.
  4. I'm lost. Dan went upstairs with Renny and said, "Will you feel better saying Ollie's name, I don't want to piss you off." She siad yes and Keesha will say Michelle's name. Where or for what I do not know yet. Now all four cameras on Renny "putting on her face".
  5. 10:20AM BBT: All the houseguests are up and about. Dan keeps asking Renny if she is mad at him. He's acting like he's done something bad. Renny said she isn't but he does some crazy things. He is holding his head down in guilt. He is now discussing it with Memphis. I think he has figured out a way to share the blow of POV surprise with Renny, Keesha & Memphis but I am not sure.
  6. Friday night in the BB house - 8:15 BB time and it is DEAD. All feeds on Memphis & Dan finishing a chess game in silence.
  7. (Trigger happy FOTH - too irritating to watch)
  8. 1:10 BBT: Everyone except Keesha and Libra in the kitchen discussing pro football. Renny is cooking something. Libra and Keesha in their beds. Everyone in the kitchen seems to be in good moods. Still no talk of who won POV. Now Renny in her bed. Silence in there. I take it neither of them won it. They have not played POV yet.
  9. Now Jerry is telling Michelle that it was Keesha.
  10. Keesha and Libra are up. Michelle told Renny that April told her that Keesha and Libra made her put Jesse up last week.
  11. Libra and April are in the HOH room and April is crying and asking how much more stress can she take. Libra is trying to calm her down. Apparently she is unhappy with the POV draw.
  12. Libra, Dan and Keesha decide that Jerry's apology was strange and then go to the kitchen to eat. Everyone is sitting down to eat dinner. Together. All of them.
  13. Jerry took Memphis aside and apologized for calling him a womanizer. Jerry keeps saying "in case I leave tomorrow". Renny then got mad that Jerry didn't brag on her cleaning and made a comment to Keesha & Dan "He's just trying to save his own ass." I am confused. Renny is cooking, Jerry is setting the table, Libra is asleep and everyone else is outside. They are going to soon be on an indoor lockdown for the whole night.
  14. mk820

    Keesha - Week 3

    I think Keesha is the smartest player in the house. She proved it with her nominations this week. I hope she goes all the way. I do wish she would shake off Renny.
  15. Jerry is back upstairs in the HOH room with his alliance. Libra said they have used everything but physical violence and Jerry says "Bring it on!" He says, "I won't throw a punch but I'll kick 'em in the nuts!" Everyone laughing. Then FOTH.