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  1. Awkwarddddddd

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I totally agree. It’s one thing to cheat, lie, backstab, etc. within the game but should not be tolerated during competitions. BB needs to review the tapes, disqualify those who did not follow the rules and have a do-over for HOH (IMO)
  2. Awkwarddddddd

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    Apparently they decided between themselves; I heard it was Jeremy but I'm sure Aaryn will control him
  3. Awkwarddddddd

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    On facebook there is a Big Brother Page and there are A LOT of people that seen it. Quote from FB "If you have the life feeds Go to 6:49 pm cam 4 that Shows Aaryn & Jeremy cheating."
  4. Awkwarddddddd

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I DO care these 2 cheated to win the HOH; it's BS!!! I hope viewers complain and they are disqualified!
  5. Awkwarddddddd

    BB15 General Discussion

    So far everyone of these people get on my nerves with the exception of Elissa. They are either arogant, stupid, annoying, or worse of all think they are funny and they really aren't.
  6. Awkwarddddddd

    Amanda - Week 1

    OMG I cannot stand Amanda. I truly want to b**** slap her! That is hilarious; has she not ever watched BB?
  7. I am truly hoping Elissa stays and she is the next HOH.
  8. Awkwarddddddd


    I think BB withholds her Psych meds to just add drama LOL
  9. Awkwarddddddd


    OMG I want to take Jeff home! I will be his blanket AND I promise NEVER to wash anything on the whitest white cycle LOL (I never do anyway because that is a VERY long cycle)
  10. Awkwarddddddd


    ABSOLUTELY! I love what she just said, "I want the best player to win, Russell has a couple more weeks!" ROFLMBO
  11. Awkwarddddddd


    Another thing is she keeps on saying Jeff will take Russ to the end, but then says Jeff and Jordan have a strong bond? HELLOOOOO is anyone home up there??? Jeff would definitely take Jordan to the end!
  12. Awkwarddddddd


    OK Sheemmmaaa you are saying how Russ was U-Y-A while you were HOH, well what are you and gnat doing to Michelle. Poor Michelle, do you think her family included a laxative in her HOH Basket?
  13. Awkwarddddddd


    I so hope that Michelle continues to stand her own. I pretty sure Gnat is going up but who would the 2nd going to be? She said ssshhheeeemmmmaa wouldn't be happy?
  14. Awkwarddddddd


    Hey King, NO ONE can replace our Danni LOL, but yes I look forward to another AllStars because I know she will be on there! AND in comes sshheeemmmmaaa UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  15. Awkwarddddddd


    I hope she digs a deeper hole for herself. I CANNOT stand the sound of her voice uggggggggghhhhhh Well sounds like Gnat is going up! Keeping fingers crossed OH PLEASE BB SHUT GNAT UP