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  1. Favorite - Michelle Least - Gnat (but Jeff is a close 2nd)
  2. Jeff was my fav from the beginning, but now he's in 2nd behind Russel. Kevin-3rd. I like Jordan, but not the brightest crayon. Nat was always at the bottom of my list, followed closely by Chima and Ronnie.
  3. boobeans


    Nata-lie is the only houseguest I have a hard time finding something positive to say about her. While I understand lying is part of the game, and they all end up doing it, she intentionally makes up lies without batting an eye. She came in lying and will leave lying. If her Dad and boyfriend have the feeds, or read the boards, I'd think they would be questioning everything she's ever told them.
  4. Favorites Renny and Memphis. I think I might like Ollie if he got away from April. Least favorites - Jerry and April (can't believe she said Keesha hates her because she's prettier)
  5. boobeans

    Tuesday's Show 8/12

    Actually I think BB did the right thing in editing Jerry the way they did. Don't get me wrong, I think Jerry is an A$$, and has always been one. But he is 75, served his country, has children and grandchildren watching. Jerry, in my book doesn't deserve special treatment, but because he is representing senior citizens (badly, I might add) he needs to be edited in such away that he doesn't make them look bad on this show. It's too bad BB couldn't have found a better candidate to represent his generation.
  6. boobeans

    Memphis - Week 5

    I agree Marty, I think Memphis is the smartest player this season.
  7. boobeans

    Are You Into This Season Or Not?

    I'm into it. BB is a summer pastime for me. This summer season, for the first time, I don't have a clear favorite and really dislike most of them.
  8. Favorites - Dan and Memphis, the only 2 with rational thinking. Despise - Libra and April, with Jerry closing in fast for 3rd place.
  9. boobeans

    Michelle - Week 5

    Watching your babies learn and grow is a once in lifetime opportunity.
  10. boobeans

    Michelle - Week 5

    I agree with Xal. Michelle may be HOH right now but she's pretty weak and needs to let someone else take out Keesha or April, both of whom are running the game. What houseguest is going to come after her for taking out Libra or Jerry. No one has close ties with them or trusts them. Keesha and April are too focused on taking each other out to go after Michelle.
  11. boobeans

    Michelle - Week 5

    My point was that Michelle needs to do the safest thing for her and that would be to take out Libra or Jerry or Dan, who no one likes/has strong ties with anyway. And it is possible for Jerry or Ollie to win HOH, not good, but possible. I also think Memphis has a stronger bond with Keesha than he does with Michelle. If forced to choose, I bet he'd pick Keesha.
  12. boobeans

    Michelle - Week 5

    I want Jerry, Keesha, Libra and April out. I detest all four. But I think Michelle will be making a mistake if she is responsible for the eviction of either April or Keesha. Michelle does not have close ties with anyone really and needs to take out either Jerry or Libra, or possibly Dan. Those 3 don't have strong ties with anyone who will retaliate against Michelle next week. If April is evicted, her alliance will target Michelle. If Keesha is evicted, her close ties of Memphis, Renny, and to a lesser degree Libra, and possibly Dan will be after her. She has to take out someone that does not have strong ties with others. I would prefer Libra or Jerry.
  13. boobeans

    Thursday, July 31st

    Libra telling Ape they don't show HOH on live feeds!
  14. boobeans

    Jerry - Week 3

    I wanted to root for the old guy, but he's pompous and self righteous. I think Memphis has issues, but Jerry was completely offbase calling him a womanizer.
  15. boobeans

    Trouble Finding Someone To Root For

    I haven't watched since season 8, and I'm having a really hard time getting behind these people. I started out hating Renny. Now she's my favorite, but that's not sayin' much.