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  1. 8/25 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    BBT 6:44PM Dan talking to himself, saying Jenn can take him down, Jenn can take Danielle down. Sounds like Jenn won veto.
  2. 7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    7:32 AM BBT Jojo up and in the kitchen getting a bowl of cereal.
  3. 7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    7:14 AM BBT WBRB - Maybe wake up music, because when feeds come back some of the HG are tossing and turning. Willie gets up out of bed. 7:25 AM BBT Definitely not wake up music, everyone is still snoozing away. Except Willie, he's in the storage room getting something out of the fridge. Back up to to HOH he goes. Looks like he got an ice pack for Ashley, who was sleeping in his bed. He climbs back in bed. Asks Ashley how her back is and she responds that it's better.
  4. 7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    5:11AM BBT Joe is up and goes to the bathroom. Camera zooms in on the occupied sign. Joe comes back out, stops at the mirror to rub his eyes and doesn't wash his hands Back to bed he goes.
  5. 7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:26AM BBT Britney and Janelle in HOH bed, just turned off the lights. General chit chat about working out, about what their husbands are doing, their wedding dresses. Everyone else is sleeping. Edited to add: Maybe it's not the HOH bed... Not sure where they are.
  6. 7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:04AM BBT Janelle and Britney talking. Britney: We can't help that Dan picked the worst draft ever. I would love to sit down and talk with Dan after this all is over and find out what he was thinking. If he was thinking like a normal person with a brain he would have taken some of our picks and then we wouldn't have them. Britney is saying that Danielle is really really emotional and she's not even on the block. Janelle: What was Dan thinking picking her second?
  7. 8/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:31pm BBT Shelly by herself in the pool. Adam laying down in his bed just staring off into space and smiling. Still no movement in the HN room. Rachel on couch outside putting on her tennis shoes.
  8. 8/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:23pm BBT Shelly and Adam in back yard. Shelly says, across the yard to him "Adam, I want you to think about what would change your mind. If anything." Adam replies that he's not set in stone, he's still thinking about it. Other cameras on Porsche, Daniele and Kalia sleeping in the Have Not bedroom.
  9. Loving your Clips of the day! Very helpful, thanks!

  10. 7/28 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

    11:37AM BBT Daniele and Dom in the Bubble Gum room. Daniele tells him "You know it's going to be between me, Brendon and Jeff, right?" And Dominic doesn't think that Jeff will be a factor because he's talked to Jeff about endurance and Jeff said he wasn't any good. He tells her that he's not worried about her in here after he leaves. "You have people...Shelly Kalia and Lawon that will come right back to you if you win." He calls her Ms. Pouty Pants. We get WBRB...
  11. 7/28 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

    11:27AM BBT Porsche, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan up in HOH. Jeff mentions that Daniele has her own bed and Brendon is irate that Shelly and Dom sleep in the Have-Not room while Daniele has a big bed to herself. Jordan calls Daniele the school bus driver. Brendon says that Kalia's defense mechanism is to cry. She told Brendon that she learned how to do it on cue so she would get her way with her mom. Porsche tells him that Kalia is an actress and Brendon says "a horrible one". Everyone's making their way up to HOH. Shelly comes in, then Adam, Lawon. And the Kalia bashing stops. Brendon wants to know when the coven is coming up. He explains it's a collection of witches.
  12. 7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    6:50PM BBT Feeds came back and Kalia and Shelly in kitchen. Kalia eating cookies and Shelly shooting hoops. Porsche gets called to DR, Kalia wanders off and Jordan shows up in the kitchen. Shelly heads to the bathroom and Jordan follows her. Shelly tells Jordan that she will meet her in the purple room. Jordan lays down on the purple couch and waits. Shelly comes in and shuts the door. Shelly tells her that the newbies/daniele are totally convinced that Dominic will stay. (Whispering too low for me to get the whole conversation)
  13. 7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    6:43PM BBT WBRB palm trees for the last 5 minutes...
  14. 7/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    6:20PM BBT Dom, Daniele, Kalia, Lawon and Shelly talking about Brendon and Rachel. Daniele telling them that Brendon would tell Rachel "You are not allowed to talk to anyone in the house unless Daniele and I are around". Rachel would say that she talked to Lawon and Brendon would get mad and tell her that she's not supposed to talk to anyone about the game without him there. She can't play the game if he's not around. Meanwhile, up in the HOH Rachel Brendon and Porsche talking about previous seasons competitions. Spiderweb comp from All Stars. Porsche: Talking about what kind of endurance comps are good for girls and which are good for guys. Says that "if it's a hanging comp then Shelly won't do good because she has a rod in her back. If it's standing up straight then she'd have a better chance. And Shelly really really wants to win. So does Kalia" and with that comment Porsche rolls her eyes. Rachel: Kalia says that she wants to win and then doesn't even try. Brendon: Complaining about girls with small butts have a better chance if you have to sit on small swing seats. But guys have bigger butts and it's not fair". Rachel: If it's a prize comp and Kalia gets $10,000 I will go Bononkers