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  1. Hi, is there any way to watch Big Brother Over The Top for free? I know I'm being cheap, but if possible, do you know of a website that might upload this Thanks
  2. Anyway, if there is any way to watch the shows, I'd really like to see it. Respectfully. Thanks If there is anyway to watch it, I'd like to see it. To me, that's one of the things that you have to actually pay to watch this, For me, I can't really afford it now. Anyway thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been watching episodes on Live Stream Video Brother link. Up till episode 9, I was able to watch, but I haven't been able to see episode 10 and 11, can someone please help me with this? Thanks
  4. Hi, is there any way to watch the live feeds? Any links to them? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm still having some trouble watching Big Brother Canada 3. I can watch it on videobrother.net/ , but the problem is I can only watch it on a tiny thumbnail video and part of the screen is blocked by ads and other graphics. And I can't seem to enlarge the screen. Can someone please help me here? Thanks
  6. Hi, if you're from the US, how can you watch Big Brother Canada? Thanks
  7. If CBS puts Big Brother 7 All Stars on their website, this is a sign they might have All Stars 2
  8. jkygogo

    BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    Hi, someone said Dr. Will Heuser. But his name is Dr. Will Kirby
  9. jkygogo

    Watching BB in the USA

    Hi, is there any way to view the Big Brother Canada Episodes? They don't show it on You Tube now, and now on Daily Motion, they seemed to have been removed and can't seem to view the episodes. If someone can help, how do you view? I don't know why they are not allowing us to watch this season. In my view, the more viewership, the better to progress the show. Thanks
  10. jkygogo

    Jeremy - Week 3 - Evicted (July 18)

    Go Jeremy, Be Strong and Give It Your All, RF
  11. jkygogo

    BB15 General Discussion

    Anyway, I hope they can broadcast in HD in future. Thanks
  12. jkygogo

    BB15 General Discussion

    Again, CBS not broadcasting in HD??? Why aren't they broadcasting in HD??? Survivor and The Amazing Race are, so why not Big Brother. I wish CBS would respect Big Brother more and broadcast in HD and also raise the prize money to $1 million, this show deserves it. Come CBS, let's give Big Brother respect. Big Brother Canada was broadcast in HD, get with it CBS and show respect. Thanks Peace
  13. I'll be honest, I love returning Houseguests. But to each his or her own. I'd really love if they would increase the prize to $1 Million. And would love it if they increased the second prize to $100,000. Thanks.
  14. jkygogo

    Hi, What city is Big Brother Canada in?

    I see, thanks.
  15. Hi, does anyone know the city that Big Brother Canada is being done? Is it in or near Toronto? Also, what prize does the second place winner get? Thanks
  16. Hi, do you think there is going to have an outside yard? I really feel they should. It adds to the experience and I feel is more enjoyable for the Houseguests and the viewing audience. Even if it's freezing cold, an outdoor backyard would add to the experience. What do you think Thanks.
  17. Hi, I did appreciate the more racially diverese cast on Big Brother Canada, which reminded me of Big Brother 11. Although I do wish they would have been diverse in age group. But it's their show. I hope it's a fun season and with awesome strategy.
  18. That would be awesome. Even though I can't view Big Brother Canada, it would be nice.
  19. Hi, I'm from California, I don't have slice on my cable TV, other than that, is there any way to watch big Brother Canada? Anywhere on the internet or any place? Thanks Thanks R
  20. I'm from California and so want to watch Big Brother Canada. Unfortunately, I don't have Slice Channel. Does anyone know if they're going to show it elsewhere? Thanks Anywhere on the Internet to watch this? Thanks R F
  21. jkygogo

    Available to watch in the US?

    Hi, is there any way people who live in Los Angeles can watch this? Do they need to get satellite tv? or a special cable tv subscription? Thanks